Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Friday #17

Nation: "Wow, what smells so good in here?"
Me: "It's me, I just took a shower"

* he pauses to think* 

Nation: "What do girls smell so good when they get wet?"
Me: "Girls getting wet by water doesn't make us smell good's our soap and lotions"
Nation: "Well, it sure does smell good"

Nation is 4. 


Moses first word was "da da", followed by "ma ma", followed by "no", Normal right? Well what about his 4th and 5th words that we didn't teach him? Well, I guess his brothers taught him---

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  1. That (Moses) was hilarious!! Fun to hear your kinda sound like me. :)

  2. haha, very cute. One of our youngest's first words (again taught by his older brothers!) was Yoda!

  3. maybe it is because we actually USE soap. (I still have to remind my 17 yr old to use soap sometimes)



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