Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 45

Thankful This Week For:

1. Being able to still be thankful on Friday, even if I didn't write my post on "Thankful Thursday"

2. Our small group from church met Sunday afternoon at the river, we'd never been fun!

3. A much needed date night with lots of talking and no movie [few things a shower, babysitter and date night can't fix]

4. Our new fence [being put up as I type]

5. Beth Moore's teachings, I've been listening while I fold laundry this week...wise women! When I'm in a funk, I try to just continuously listen to something Godly to get my mind back in a good place

6. Being invited over to our new neighbors new pool this weekend

7. E-mealz, being back in the cooking grind has never been so deliciously inexpensive [and time consuming and messy ha ha]

8. Pinterest, it's made my sometimes gloomy days a bit brighter with all it's creativity and beauty

9. A prayer I've been praying all week that I know is working--- "I want to love you more Lord"

10. White Water [water park], we have no pool in our neighborhood or backyard, but it's close enough to still keep us wet this summer


  1. I am apparently incapable of using the linky this week...can I blame pregnacy brain? Anyway, here is my list:

  2. i love that nation is giving the peace sign in each of the pictures. what cute kiddos :)



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