Friday, May 20, 2011

When Seasons Change

When Seasons Change...

...I'm somewhere in between ready for the last season to be over and "can't wait" for the next season all the while knowing that before I know it...I'll be feeling just the same way about this season as I was the last---ready for the next.

I was born and raised in Texas, which season. Hot. Okay, two seasons, Hot & Humid. Neither which work well with naturally curly frizzy hair. Moving to Georgia my sophomore year in high school was the best thing that ever happen to the locks attached to my head. They throughly enjoy those few months between summer and spring to hold those hot roller-curls and soak up the compliments like bounty paper towels.

Being in Ohio, we did enjoy the snow, but the cold there [and here] I'm over. It's mid May and my heater has been on this week? I'm ready for the warm. Ready to break out the capri's and skirts and rock the Rainbowsir.gif till November, or December. As for my hair, well, it will mainly stay in a pony tail.

As for other season in my life. The season of packing, unpacking, moving, packing, unpacking, traveling, looking to move, packing, moving, unpacking---is---hopefully over. We've been here in our new house for two weeks and I'm looking forward to the next season of---no boxes.

Another season I've been thinking about is, baby bump time. Normally around the time my baby is a year, I get pregnant, and I'd love to be pregnant like...yesterday, but am trying to faithfully finish Weight Watchers. I'm growing tired of this season of no baby in my belly, but looking forward to it maybe this Fall. But then again, looking around at all these boxes [and my pregnant friends] I'm maybe still thankful for that heater on, maybe I'm not quite ready to be lugging that huge belly around up and down these stairs. But maybe I am.

You forget how much work it is!

Seasons, they are a funny thing. They encompass that "grass is greener on the other side" more than anything else in life.


  1. A born Texan I certainly smiled on your Texas reflections. Fun post. With Joy, Carey

  2. I'm from southern California, and we have two seasons too: Normal and Frozen Tundra (i.e., below 65).

    I love what you say about how seasons, and especially changing seasons, are about anticipation and expectation (even if that expectation isn't based on reality or our own experience). But in spite of our anticipations, and even our calendars with "First Day of Spring" printed on them, the seasons have a timeframe we can't dictate. I'm glad they come around every year because it seems like every year, I need the reminder!

    Great post. :)

  3. so many truths in a thoroughly fun read!

  4. I find myself rushing the seasons, too. But I think it's totally biblical to anticipate the next season; to look forward to what God has in store next. "Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!" (Isaiah 43:18). I can't wait to start our new season in our new house, and be done with the gypsy lifestyle ourselves!!

  5. I feel rushed all the time! I too am a mother of boys! It is a wonderful experience!

    Peaceful wishes,

  6. ooo my belly has been feeling awfully empty lately too....................



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