Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 42

Photo Credit: cleaning out the camera i found these photos from our sitter

Thankful This Week For...

1. Having some of our small group over to dedicate our new house to Jesus
2. Finding renters for our previous house

3. Enough room for kids to push Moses around in stroller for entertainment
4. A lawn kid to mow for 2 hours instead of me [or Charles]

6. The "fall" weather outside...despite how weird it is in mid-May

7. Our first date night on "this side of town" [exploring new places to date]
8. Having Charles' office at home again [not sure if he's as excited as we are, ha]

9. Cleaning out storage unit [one away from having all our stuff in one place]
10. The pink key Charles got for me the house [#lovelanguage]


  1. I'm thankful you get unpacking help AND that I remembered to link back to you this week! Ha! :)

  2. Scene: Technicians Anonymous
    Hi, My name is Tina
    Others in the room, HI TINA!
    Tina: I don't want to admit it, i'm in denial; but I need help with a technical issue! How do I link back to your blog from mine?
    AND how do you get your photos to be the same WIDTH as your text space?

    BTW: I LOVE the key, I have one very similar to it too! And the new find on the kids picts are fantastic!

  3. woot for finding pictures!! your key is so cute, i have one that has stars on it!



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