Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday 15


I'm down another pound from last week, but still up .6 overall. It's taken me about a month [sigh] to get back to my previous best at 190. But I think it's all up [or down I mean] from here because we've moved, my kitchen is unpacked, life isn't all in boxes anymore...well just sorta kinda.

My bestie and I have started walking together in the evenings since we're only 4 minutes from each other!! I think this will really help both of us. We've also both decided to stop going to meetings because after almost 4 months of meetings, we've learned the ropes, lost some weight, and feel confident moving forward just keeping each other accountable.

Plus we'll save $20 a month ; )

I bought a Weight Watcher scale from Publix this morning and weighed with it right after weighing on their scale. So my plan is to just weigh at home Wednesday morningsl, but not go to the meetings anymore. keep track of my points [sigh].

How's y'alls weight loss going? 

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