Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Five Things That Make or Break Your Day

Five Things

1. Jesus
2. Relationships
3. Sleep
4. Nutrition
5. Exercise

I know this isn't rocket science, and we all already "know" this, but man if only knowing was enough. Putting priorities into practice at times does seem like a science. [Did I mention I was a Communication major?] #dislikescience

When there is stress in my life, or things seem out of control I can usually narrow them down to 5 categories. I've never put pencil to paper [or in this case keys to screen], but in my mind I often know---there are 5 reasons why I'm upset...and I could have prevented all of them.

The reason I'm yelling is because...I've not met with Peace today.

The reason I'm feeling down is because...I haven't invested this week in anyone, but myself.

The reason I'm short with the kids is because...I stayed up too late watching TV last night.

The reason I don't feel good about myself is because...I ate junk food all day.

The reason I'm so fatigued doing housework is because...I haven't been regularly working out.

In the moment, it feels like it's "life's" fault. Like a series of events is all to blame for my stressed out-overly tired-depressing-never-ending-overwhelming day, but really, most of the time it's not because the world has fallen apart---just my priorities. And when your priorities fall apart, in a way, your world does. At least for me.

I'm not interested in self-help and I certainty am not trying to "fix" your life. This post [or any for that matter] don't have the "power" to change your life, but He does. I'm by no means fixed myself, but I've just really been trying to be mindful that it's not worth pretending it's outside circumstances that get me down, but that it's a lot of decisions I could make better.

My only advice for you is that you pray. Pray next time you find yourself down or being short with someone and ask..."did I have anything to do with this?" Is it possible this attitude isn't just "happening to me", but I made some bad choices this week/yesterday/today that have brought me to this point.

Pray that He'd make you mindful of them. Pray that He'll show you how---so that---you might enjoy Him, others and yourself more during our brief time here on earth.

It's simple. It isn't rocket science, unless...we try to do it...without Him.


  1. You are so right. This was a wonderful reminder for me, at this time especially, when I have SO much going on! You always have the best posts!

  2. I completely agree! I hate to admit it, but I have gone almost my entire 29 years without waking up early to have my quite time with Jesus. I always used the excuse that I am a night person (so much so, that when I was working as an RN, I worked the 7pm-7am shift and LOVED it). But recently, I have been so worn out from having two babies and and Caleb's first year of homeschool that something just had to give. We are on the Dave Ramsey plan so that means I can't hire a babysitter so I had to do something about it myself. Three weeks ago I made the decision that I had to wake up early and spend time at Jesus' feet. Then two weeks ago, my husband and I started Power 90 together. So now we wake up together at 5am and work out, then while he is in the shower I have my quite time. It is amazing how much better my days are when I have worked out, had quite time, showered and had a cup of coffee before the kids wake up at 6:30. I have no choice but to go to bed early because I fall asleep on the couch by 8. I am hoping my nutrition will soon fall into place but it is amazing how much better I feel already. Sorry for the rambling and thanks for the post.



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