Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storing Things That Have No Value

[Charles pulling me on the cart]

Last night we emptied out our second [and hopefully last] storage unit. We've had these units for almost as long as we've had kids. We needed a place to store all their toys and clothes they grew out of. And my offseason wardrobes---my 4 seasons of clothes---summer maternity, summer, winter maternity, winter. 

[I've spent the last 6 years either pregnant or nursing].

Looking back paying for the unit probably wasn't worth the value of what was inside, but it's all under one roof now and not costing me anything anymore. Just when I was beginning to look like I was getting closer to getting out of boxes---we've filled my basement up with storage unit stuff. 

I wonder if we store things in our heart that don't end up matching the price we pay to hold onto them.

painful memories
wounds from family
words people have said over us
hopes deferred
wounds from a spouse
mistakes we've made
promises unfulfilled
wounds from a friend

We keep them in units "incase we ever need them", finding safety in their near access. All the while knowing it would be wiser to let go of what isn't useful to us---today. Trusting that if we have need in the future He would provide.

And what He'd provide wouldn't be molded, ruined, stale and yesterday's.

Lord, expose those units we pay for that end up costing us...
costing us...more than any service they falsely promise to provide for us in the future.

Help me to let go and forgive. Giveaway. Stop storing up for a bitter day. Help me to trust again. Help me to forget what hurt and wounded. Help me to help others do this too.


  1. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful (and thought-provoking!) posts. I think this is something pretty much everyone can get something out of.

  2. Though God forgives and forgets, humans forgive yet still carry scars. But we can not resent those scars and learn to not place value on them.

    I have a wound that still hurts sometimes, but a lot less. But I am not mad at the person and do not want them to be punished or to get even or to remind them . I think that is forgiveness for us humans.

    great post!

  3. Gooooood one, Candra. I can so relate.



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