Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hoover Dam

Trying to get creative here for why you'd even bother reading about my trip to the Hoover Dam. 

I thought of 4 reasons you might read this post:

1. Incase you are ever on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and they ask you a question like, "What river does the Hoover Dam impound?" You'd now know the answer [...which is the Colorado River]...because you read this post.

2. You like me, so you read whatever I write on here.

3. You were curious if I only brought one scarf on my trip, and planned on wearing it in every photo. You read this check. You confirmed, yes and yes.

4. You came to my blog because you thought it was Weight Watcher was, I didn't go weigh in. Being in Vegas for a few days with my husband [who isn't on Weight Watchers] had nothing to do with the fact I didn't go weigh in today. Nothing.

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