Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Song for Me

I love Valentines because...
Date Night

It just so happens to be my favorite holiday. I'm slightly obsessed with pink, and it's a wonderful day to celebrate it. Shopping at target this time of year makes my heart most happy...I dream about decorating my entire house in pink & hearts [all year round]. However, these days, barely manage to. I have pink pancakes, and afternoon cupcakes on our menu, but with three boys under 4...we might just eat the M&M's and call it a [holi]day.

I tried to make this year extra special for them and bought them each a little gift, decorated a bit, and like I said...have some plans for Valentine activities. We'll see. I always look forward to Charles' surprise evening plans though!
What are you Valentine plans?
To date, my only real Valentine tradition [besides eating an ungodly amount of chocolate] is making Charles a handmade card. 

Last year I also made him this video of some of my favorite photos of us...

[the music is a song he wrote for me on our first Valentines together that he played at our wedding...wonderfully embarrassing to say the least]

** all pictures on post today are from last year**
***if ANY get taken today...I'll post later***

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