Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How We Celebrated Valentine's

The kids slept in. Thank you again kids. I went to Target the day before and decorated a little before they woke up. I heard Solomon say "It's a birthday party" when he woke up. 
Then I made [for the first time] pink pancakes. I remembered why I never attempt fancy breakfasts on busy days.
I got each of the boys a little present too.

Thankfully the weather was p-e-r-f-e-c-t so the kids played outside for 3 hours until lunch. Then we had pink cupcakes. I decided in efforts to keep the baby asleep I would make the cupcakes alone and let them just ice them after he woke up. So they did miss the cracking of three eggs, but no one got yelled out. 
A win-win. 

Nation got some fireman rain boots, Solomon got dinosaur bath toys, and Moses got some  balls. They also got some new sippy cups [that was really a gift to me.]

Against my better judgement I let Moses have a plain cupcake. He's a year next month...and well..I just thought it would be cute for pictures. And...it was! 

I can't be sure, but I think he is signing "I love you" [backwards]

I took this picture really quick before Charles left for work. Those $5 matching red shirts were worth every penny for this precious picture.  

Charles picked me up at 6 and we went to dinner. He choose to take me to Macaroni Grill [where we went for our first Valentine's 6 years ago]. In going with tradition, he had dropped off his guitar, flowers, and a gift ahead of time. When dinner came out, so did his guitar. He sang me the song he sang me years ago and surprised me with this...

I am not much of a jewelry person, but I do wear one ring, two earrings, and have been looking anxiously for a "pearl or great prize" ring. Something not too big, but a little fancy. He found the perfect ring, and it was even my size [which I myself, have even forgotten]. 

We were going to see a movie, but decided to hang out at the bookstore for a few hours instead. It's a rare treat to leisurely read [& shop] together.

Even if he didn't buy me a gift, or sing to me, it would have been the perfect night because I didn't count my points and ate lots of bread was with him!


  1. Looks like a fun day and you got some great photos! I love your ring. My hubby surprised me with pearl earrings.

  2. Sweet! {is that my pink iphone case keeping your phone warm on your table? haha kidding}

  3. Adorable post! All those photos are just precious. :)

  4. Goodness,Girl! You've got a keeper!

  5. Beautiful. I bet all the women in macaroni grill were looking at their guys like.... So where's my song and presents? Lol

  6. I love that you did all things pink---even with all boys!!!!

  7. I'm glad you both take Valentines Day seriously....it was a special day for Jim and I too !! He always had a "Sweetheart Rose" delivered to me, and a card. Keep the memories....they are precious!! Love you all !!!!!

  8. Aw, what a sweet day all the way around. I love the photo of your guys all in red. That's so precious.



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