Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 2

Started my third week yesterday. Went in today to weigh in real quick since I'll most likely miss my meeting tonight since we're still looking at houses. I'm down exactly two pounds from last week. Which is a miracle seeing as how we celebrated Valentine's at least three times. I'm so thankful all the M&M's and cupcakes are now gone. 
There is a reason I don't keep sweets in my house!
This week's tips:
1. Try a lower point breakfast so you don't run out of points by dinner
2. Try a yogurt smoothie for in-between-meal-tide-you-over for around 4 points
3. Switch to skim milk
4. Avoid fries. If you gotta go through the drive-thru, ditch the coke & fries...keep the sandwich.
5. Don't buy so many're bound to eat them when you're not even hungry just because they taste good.

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