Friday, February 11, 2011

Funny Friday #2

I woke up this morning to this. [Read why Nation [4] still wears a diaper below.]
Nation came and told me he had "drawn a line" where I am not to cross because on the other side of it [or under it] he had made a mess. He apparently threw off his diaper and it exploded...if you've never seen the inside of a diaper you don't know the fun mess that awaited me underneath. Apparently, after airborne explosion, it landed in the toilet [bonus point!].
To make it even funnier, somehow his church childcare pick up number [from Wednesday morning] got attached to it.

As a never know what messes await you
 when your eyelids open.

Nation wears a diaper at night [pull-ups are overpriced] because he isn't consistent at waiting to pee until the morning. I've tried underwear and sometimes he goes 5 days in a row, but then has an accident and I got tired of changing sheets. He's my deepest sleeper, but I've still tried waking him up---half the time I can get him to go in the middle of the night, half the time I can't. 

I think by the time Friday rolls around we could all use something good to laugh at. I thought it might be fun to try linking up and seeing [or reading about] funny things that all happen to us this week.
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."
-Proverbs 17:22


  1. "my old" hahahaha

  2. Thankful you could see the humor in the mess, I'm afraid I would of groaned. For bedwetting my first line of defense is the chiropractor. I've used homeopathics for bed wetting. I never let my bedwetting prone children have anything other than water to drink after 2 pm or so. If all else fails Nikki makes an overnight training pant. I believe has them.

  3. Candra, I wish I had awesome insight about the bedwetting then. Any doctor would tell you that until a child is 5 or even 6, your child could still wet the bed b/c their body can't tell them to wake up. Andrew is gonna hate me for sharing this, but we had the exact same experience with him. It took until 1 month before his 6th birthday for the wetting to stop. We used pullups forever, and I'm SO thankful not to pay for those anymore. I chose to stick with the pullups rather than a diaper in hopes that he'd wake up to pee and he couldn't get the diaper back on by himself. We reused the same pull up when it stayed dry. It's a pain, but it'll come. All kids are're doing it all right :)

  4. Inisfree wore diapers at night until about 4 1/2, and I still kept a plastic sheet on until after 5. I did the whole midnight wake up with her, cause it worked with my boys, but it didn't work with her. Taking away apple juice completely helped cut the bed wetting in half, though. She's completely fine now though, and even occasionally wakes up in the wee hours and goes, well, wee. Dont worry, he won't go to college still wetting the bed :-)



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