Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#28] [Giveaway]

Thankful This Week For:
1. The possibility of moving [we're house hunting]
3. E-Mealz [helping me mealplan & eat better]
5. An amazing 10 day blog segment of practical & encouraging information from 16 different homeschool moms
6. A night out with my mom & bestie Sarah
7. Friends who are being so encouraging during this very transitional time for me [I seem to be having a bit of trouble adjusting these last few weeks]
8. Music. When I'm down or slow or tired or unmotivated it can lift my spirit or speed up my step.
9. Taking a nap with Nation this week [not sure how many more years of that I have left with him]
10. Giveaways! 
I'm giving away a Swilt.  What's that? It's a sweater+quilt=swilt
It might remind you of a Snuggie...only way cuter, higher quality and more practical. It's really nice fleece you can wear normally like a hoodie or let all the way out to cover your legs and feet. It's perfect for indoors [watching TV] or outdoors [sporting events], etc. We really like ours! [It was given to me to offer as a giveaway.]
Keep for yourself or give it away as a gift. I have a blue [S/M] or a camo in [L]. I did try the camo out, but if you'd still prefer that one, just let me know and I'll send that one to you. Contest ends in 7 days.
Optional entries [up to 3 a person]:
1. Comment below with just your name & email
2. Follow Swilt on Twitter comment & tell me you did
3. Follow Swilt on Facebook comment & tell me you did


  1. Haha! Candra, you need a pink camo swilt!!! :p

  2. Your husband is a good sport to pose for the picture!

  3. Caty :D I like it!!and I followed them on Twitter!

  4. I love when I get the chance to snuggle with one of my little ones and take a nap. Yes, I too am thankful for friends who love and help through transitional times. I'm having a hard time transitioning right now as well. I totally get that. I just keep reminding myself that it is a season that will pass and I need to slow down and enjoy the season, being content with it. That Swilt thing is too cute. My 14 year old son would love the camo one. He eat, sleeps and breathes camo. :D



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