Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 1

Some of you may or may not know, but last Tuesday [February 1st], I started Weight Watchers for the first time. It's a long time coming, but better late than never. I've been pregnant and nursing non-stop for the last 5 years [currently still nursing]. I usually gain between 30-40 pounds and lose 3/4 of the weight before getting pregnant again. 
Do the math on that---plus add in not losing most of my weight [yet] from my soon to be one year old and you've got a surplus of about 50 pounds. Last week I started off at 205.4. In just a little over 7 days I'm down almost 3 pounds. I debated about sharing my weight, but decided it's not really a secret [when you look at me, ha!]. So, hopefully this will encourage anyone out there that if I can do it---you can do it!
So far, I really love Weight Watchers, and am so thankful my mom & bestie Sarah are doing it with me too. Tonight we went to a meeting together and went to dinner afterwards and laughed about points. We had a lovely, healthy, filling dinner and even passed up the 2000+ calorie [60 point] dessert...yikes! We three split a much smaller dessert and were so proud of ourselves. 
The thing we indulged in most tonight...conversation!
I plan to make a life style change and not just do this as a "diet". I think it will make a great tool while in between pregnancies, nursing and even while pregnant [although they won't allow me to go to meetings during that time]. 
If you're unfamiliar with Weight Watchers, please tune in the next several months as I share my journey of weight loss. Every week I'll try to include a few tips that have helped me through the week. I know there are zillion WW blogs out there so by no means do I plan to be mega central of information on the subject, but nevertheless hope to be helpful to those interested.
It's so nice to have the online & iPhone app tools to help me lose weight easily & safely [while still eating healthy] so I can continue to nurse.
If you are familiar with [the new] Weight Watches Points Plus...I currently am allowed 32 points with 7 extra for part time nursing daily and get 49 "cheat" points weekly to spend [all at once or throughout my week]
This Weeks Tips:
1. Kept Plain Fruit & Veggies [zero points] on the go everywhere I went
2. Drank hot tea [zero points] when I wanted to taste something, but wasn't really hungry
3. Found some little 2 point WW treat snacks...not completely natural ingredients, but better than eating a whole piece of cake I think
4. Googled restaurants menu points before going to know what I could eat there 
5. Got my Starbucks size Tall, no whip cream, with fat free milk [shaved off lots of points]


  1. I think the great thing about WW is that it makes you conscious of what you are putting into your mouth. It makes you really think about... do I really want to use my points on THIS? I haven't done WW before but now I am tracking my calories and all that lovely stuff and it's made me really look at how I eat. I love that I can eat fruits and veggies all day and not really ever go over anything. :)

  2. Yea! Congrats! I did weight watchers after I had Grace and LOVED it. I didn't get back to where I wanted to be (stupid holidays!) but was very pleased with the results and how easy it was to follow once I made up my mind! Good job! You can do it! I'm thinking I'll sign up again in baby and post holidays!
    - Elizabeth K

  3. Congrats on taking a step towards a better you! I weighed myself for the first time since having my 2nd child in Decemember and weighed 199. I started the Dukan Diet right after Christmas and I'm already down to 174. It's an amazing feeling saying goodbye to certain numbers knowing you will never be there again! Again, kudos to you!!

  4. congrats! enjoy the journey!

    I get my Starbucks with non-fat and no whip- but I bet the Extra pump of caramel in my already caramel latte- isn't helpful...

  5. I lost 45 pounds with WW... I'm lifetime. Need to get back on track, but do love the program.



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