Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homeschool 101

My husband was kind enough to drop the "Would you be willing to homeschool?" bomb on me while we were just dating [and not after we were in a legally and spiritually binding contract]. In his defense, he did warn me, but I was head over heels for him, so of course I signed up. After we had kids, and boys for that matter, naturally the stress and anxiety associated with teaching wiggly-short-attention-span-toddlers settled in. Especially since [although college educated] my grammar skills [as shown above] are limited.

Then came SHOUT...

My dear friend, Luci, who also allowed this awkward college student [ME] to interview her midwife during a prenatal appointment, introduced me to SHOUT. Again, this was before Charles & I were married, but at least we were engaged at this point...you can't say we don't do our research ahead of time. 

SHOUT is a local group encouraging homeschooling mothers in their Christian walks, in prayers for their children and homes, in their teaching, in knowledge of homeschooling and in friendships with other homeschoolers.

If you're not local to Atlanta, I highly recommend finding a Christian homeschooling co-op near you. I hear there is nothing more defeating in homeschooling than being [or feeling] alone in your struggles that you WILL run into.

This particular chapter meets once a month, has a $15 annual fee, lots of activities for you and your children, and a very active yahoo group for daily discussions. Newly added is also a facebook group, although private, so you have to pay first on their website.

The meetings are on Thursday nights at Summit Baptist Church. About 50+ families involved come from all different denominations and styles of homeschooling for that matter.

Last night I attended a break out group session with a smaller group of women and we discussed being balanced in homeschooling. If there is one thing I've come to love about these women it's their transparentcy. We aren't getting together to discuss how our volcalono project errupted bigger than yours...we're getting together to share, pray, and help one another.

Once a month, also, on a Monday night there is a "break-out" session for moms homeschooling little ones. I attend this because it's great to brain storm with other mommies how to keep the nursing babies fed & the toddlers alive while homeschooling their older elementary age siblings. 

Last night everyone shared that their 5 struggles in homeschooling were: 

[1] Lack of time to devote to marriage
[2] Lack of time to devote to themselves [working out, hobbies]
[3] Difficulty keeping up with the house & cooking
[4] Training & dealing with attitudes of the children
[5] Time left to spend with the Lord

I was so thankful that I wasn't alone. We walked away ready to encourage one another in our different struggles, pray for one another, and try to focus on ONE THING this next few weeks we could improve. Not everything, but just one thing. To bring balance to an area that was in the greatest need of being brought back into priority.

What's your homeschool struggle?

Next post...I will discuss why I chose to homeschool. Excuse me while I go clean up the red glitter my three got into while I was writing this post.


  1. It is wonderful to have the support that comes from a co-op or at least other friends who homeschool.
    Coming over from Hip Homeschool Hop.

  2. Homeschool groups are great! And homeschooling is tough!! Love your post. I read this great little chart yesterday - Super Mom vs Abiding Mom - http://harvestministry.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/AbidingMom.pdf
    Visiting you from the Hop!

  3. Visiting from the HHH!
    I love having the support of a homeschool group, if for no other reason than fellowshipping with other moms that know what you're going through.
    Christy @ Raising Knights

  4. We,, your 365 Project images are stunning, but #1 we can't comment on them or get them in our Reader, because of the way you are posting them. :(

  5. I do not homeschool ... but have truely debated back and forth with myself on doing it. You are an inspiration to me ... I just wanted you to know that!


  6. HS support groups are so great! I was part of one for the 9+ years we were in Iowa. God used it mightily in my life. Those women poured into me so much. Now that I am no longer there, God is allowing me to lead the monthly meetings in CHEC, www.chec-ga.org . I love the opportunity to connect with ladies and encourage them just as God used others to encourage me. Luci has invited me to the SHOUT meetings. Eventually I'll make it, maybe this week if I can get a sitter. Nice post.

  7. Hi visiting for HHH,I love our co-op that we belong to and feel so comfortable talking with the mothers and fathers.It's easy to talk to others that are going through the same as I am.I am going to stay for a while and read around.
    Please feel free to stop by and visit for a while.

  8. I think that is so wonderful that your husband asked you ahead of time if you would be willing to homeschool. It wasn't something that was ever on our radar when I met my husband. It took us getting to the toddler years for me to consider it an option & start looking into it. I am so very glad I did.

  9. I really love the idea of homeschooling, but I also feel that I am not the right person to do it.

    Having said that, even though my daughter LOVES her teacher and her school friends and likes what she does at school, she just, well, never wants to go. So, in due course, the choice may be made for me.

    Props to you for doing it, though.

    And, my son's coming to the end of his compulsory education, and I'm seriously considering telling him that if he can figure out a way of making money from home, he can skip his A levels at school and do them from home, if he wants. Which he may not...

  10. I used to teach at Cornerstone Prep which meets at Summit Babtist Church on Moon Station. I think it is the same church. Anyway Cornerstone Prep is a University Model School - basically a combination of homeschooling and private, Christian education. Typically 1st - 6th grade goes to school Tuesday and Thursday and homeschools on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The teachers write the lesson plans for the week, so all you are doing is giving the assignments and monitoring thier work. 7th - 12th grade goes to school M/W/F and homeschools T/TH. You pay by the credit hour so you can take one class or you can take a full load. It is up to you. I liked it since it was a middle ground between homeschooling and going to school full time in a Christian environment. You can checkout the school at the webstite below. I believe that there is a school like this opening up in Rome next school year.


  11. We have a local group that I attend once a month also. I always come away encouraged and not feeling so alone in my struggles. Such a blessing.



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