Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black & White Wordless [#13]

This was my bedroom a few hours ago. 
Somewhere under that is a few suitcases.

From December 19th-January 16th we drove from...

OH to GA to TX to GA

Around 2,200+ miles. 
[Sleeping in our beds only 7 of those nights]
We lived out of suitcases for over a month.

This doesn't even include Charles' trip from Houston to South Texas.
[16 hour round trip]

This also doesn't include the 12 hour "layover" we had in GA before catching our cruise for a week where we cruised from FL to the Caribbean and back. 

If only our car could talk...
...oh did. 

Flat tire
Broken window
Broken door
Lost keys
Gas tank revolting
AC rebelling
and our 12 hour drive home from Texas took 26 hours!!!

I say all this to say, for the first time in 30 days I'm...

[a] not living out of a suitcase
[b] can see my floor
[c] am HOME!


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  1. What ever might be, you must have enjoyed your trip. Coming to the snap...yeah nice capture, esp for before and after.

  2. sounds like an eventful trip, and I'm sure you got tons of pics from it. :)
    welcome home!

  3. YAY for being home! And glad you could get things back in order!

  4. Welcome home! That does not sound like a lot of fun! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed!


  5. Wow! That's quite a trip! I love the before and after.

  6. Wow! Welcome home!!! Sounds like some fun was thrown in there during your trip!

  7. I love the Woody hat in the corner of the photo!



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