Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#22]

Thankful This Week For...
...all of you that make up ME

[Ten women from 2010]
[oh and I shuffled the "order" so these really are random]

I met her in middle school youth group [she was a leader] and haven't seen much of her since then, but she's recently come back into my life and I believe she'll be a vital part of my mentoring in 2011. [Or so I hope this blog post buys me a ticket.] There are just some people you meet and they have a lasting impression on you. Once in youth we anointed each others head with oil...just one greasy finger print...not Naomi...she looked at me and said, "Pour the whole jar on my head." She's wildly desperate for Him. [And she's wild.]

2-Elizabeth Rowell
She's prayerfully intense wrapped in hospitality [and sugar]. She bakes delicious calories. My new years resolution is to stay away from her. She and her husband are our small group leaders. We met just about a year ago, but she catalyzed and counseled Charles & I through an intense time in our marriage. Her prayers were felt in dark hour and if ever I felt alone, I knew I wasn't. She's Proverbs 31, straight up.

3-April Davidson
There was a time this year she fought for me so hard, she prayed herself [accidentally] right into the mens public restroom. "Going to bat for you"...has been replaced by "going to the men's restroom for you." She's that amazing pillar of faithfulness that has stuck with me through it all and although our lives are often opposite [and out of state] we find a common ground, or room, the CanApril room. Okay, so only she'll get this, but that's okay.

4-My mom
She's that friend you wish you had. You know the one you can call for anything, depend on for everything and talk to about all things. She's not jealous, competitive, or condemning towards me. She lifts me up. She loves me. Oh and she watches my kids when I need a break. Ha. She lets my family be who we are and she loves us just so. We don't always agree, but I'm so thankful for her help, especially this year.

5-Amy Heifner
In the spirit, she's famous, I'm sure of it, okay maybe even in Atlanta I feel like she's "Who's Who Among Godly Women" [if that exist, but she doesn't care, she's not like that]. She's got class, grace, and a presence about her I want to absorb from across our lunch dates at Houston's. She's hilarious, sharp and confident in her Savior. God strategically placed her in my life at the beginning of college and she's mentored me ever since. Sometimes more than others, but she's always there to bring me up higher, break me out, and this year...wake me up.

How could I not love the person whose life so similarly mirrors mine? Her last three kids are literally weeks apart from mine. Our daily conversations about diapers, destructions, and discipling have been a daily life saver for me. She's hilarious, prayerful, kind, and a down to earth woman. She's honest, grounded, and wise. This year I called and she answered. She was a real friend when I needed one. I've learned it's not so much what we have in common, but Who we have in common that makes me love her so.

I'm not going to lie, I thought maybe I was too un-Baptist to participate in her studies, and maybe for a few pages every once in a while...I am. Yet, her studies this year [Revelation, Proverbs & Breaking Free] got me back into the Word. God has used her studies to grow my roots down deep once again. I'm also thankful that she loves me so much. I know you think I'm crazy, but she does. She doesn't know me, but I feel it through the screen on my TV and her words on the page. I also wouldn't mind if I met her this year...just sayin'.

8-Margaret Parham
Margaret has been my homebirth midwife for my last three children. I can not begin to express to you the relationship that has grown between us over the years. She's become very dear to my heart and I greatly respect her and the work she does. I am so thankful she gives of herself to offer me the blessed opportunity to birth at home [like earlier this March] with a Christian professional watching over me. She's hard on me about diet and exercise, but I've got three great births to thank her for. She promised me at least room for 5 more births in my file so you'll be hearing more about her...maybe 2012?

9-Luci Galloway
Luci is my pioneer woman. I feel like God has set her out before me to pave the lead, guide and promise me I can make it where God has called me. She actually is the one who introduced me to Margaret. I'm hoping for her luck with number four [GIRL!] as she started off with three boys as well. She leads our local homeschool co-op and reaches out to me often even though I'm always traveling. And whether she's enjoyed it or not, she's been my go-to person over the years for all things organic and homeopathic. She's taking a liking to me [I think?] and I'm humbled...excited...and hopeful for more time with her in 2011.

I don't know Ann personally, but her blog [Luci introduced me to, because she's good like that...always telling me about great blogs] has greatly ministered to me over the last several months. She's been inspirational as a disciple, wife, mother, educator, and writer. I admire her heart, respect her work, and am constantly awestruck by her writings. She paints images with words and weaves together heaven and earth in a practical-tangiable way for me . Somehow across that screen, she's daily causing me to rise up and never become settled with myself, my life or my God.

[and since 2011 is around the corner this list will include 11 instead of 10]

The women readers who humored me by reading my ramblings these past few months. Y'all have encouraged me, laughed with me [at me!] taught me, and inspired me. I'm thankful for your time. I'm committed to honoring it's value in 2011.

[If you aren't on the list, don't fret, if you know me, 
you shaped me for the better, and I'm thankful for you.]


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  1. hey candra thanks for stopping by my answer your questions...nope it wasn't a home birth they just somehow missed the little darling in the first ultrasound. crazy! and no, i have never heard of billjohnson but i will totally look him up:)

    and i love your post today! great idea. and i'm a big fan of ann voskamp to..her writting is amazing!

  2. Breaking Free is a Wonderful Study, It changed my life.

  3. Margaret is such a blessing. She delivered our 2nd, 3rd and most recently our 8th. I really appreciate her even more now after not having her near for the 4th-7th.

    I also know Lucy, met her over the summer at another friend's.

    I love how God fills our lives with wonderful women who exhort us to live for Him and love fully.

  4. Wow- small world...just figured out who the mysterious Living Free woman is- who's Living Free blog appears to be deleted!! Hi Kristy! Your newest one is precious, of course. I keep hoping I can make it to a Moms' Mtg. w/CHEC. Candra, you should totally check out CHEC.

    And wow, Candra, thank you for the expression of gratitude. I'm humbled and appreciative of you as well. AND I more than like you. AND I love you can make (even) me comment on your blog ;-)

    I must add my funny here: My husband read Candra's comments about me and then scrolled down to see Ann V.'s name. His response, "I can't believe you beat out Ann Voskamp!" I had to show him the part about it being randomized. He doesn't quite 'get' the whole blog community.

    And, Candra, you do have much to be thankful for, with so many great people in your life, but, at the same time, you (and your momma who raised you) deserve a lot of credit for being an amazing network-er who's not afraid to go to complete stranger's home during that stranger's prenatal appointment.

    Much love,
    PS Maybe this is why I don't comment--- world record long comments

  5. Hi Luci! Sorry didn't mean to be so mysterious. I hope you can make it to a CHEC meeting soon. I had to miss the last two bc of sickness here. I think I've got the text back up on my Living Free blog. Did the best I could from my iPhone. I'll have to tweak it more when I'm at the computer. I'm not too familiar with all these blog designs. I think I need to get my computer savy brother to help me.

  6. Such a sweet post! I am thankful for you as well!

  7. Love you and always thankful for you!

  8. Can- you are so precious and I'm so thankful to have a friendship where we can both "go to the mens restroom" for each other while wearing our prayer buns. :)



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