Friday, December 31, 2010

'Twas 6 Nights After Christmas...

... when Candra finally uploaded her Christmas photos

It doesn't get much better than that loving neck squeeze.

Exhibit A: Nation's head tilt
Exhibit B: Solomon's cheesy smile

My Three Stooges

Opening presents with Home Alone in the background...adorable.

It was his first Christmas...well...outside the womb.

I got Charles a ukulele because he's slightly jealous of how much I swoon for Jack Johnson. Oh, and I don't wrap pretty. Someone wanted it documented. 

My sister got a Twilight poster. My mom got a dinosaur from Solomon. 
And that's my bros Nate & Noah & step dad, Jim.

I kid you not, after all those new presents Nation spent his entire day playing with "stuff" he found in upstairs drawers and making contraptions. Solomon ran around and played with this tiny bible that he found. The new bike & toddler piano were greatly neglected.

I heard a rumor that our "White Christmas" in Atlanta was the first in 100 years. We were excited, but honestly, had had enough snow already in Ohio.

Quite possibly the most awful [tired] picture of us, but nevertheless, the only picture of us that day. Or of me for that matter, well, minus my feet.

In short...We were home. It was Merry. 



  1. I think my favorite is your shoes :)

  2. Your boys are so cute and that picture of you and your husband is sweet...even if you are tired.

  3. :) Looks like a great time was had by all!!! :) I don't wrap pretty either, so don't feel bad! I agree, Christmas is so much better with kids!

  4. I thought I followed you.. but hadn't seen anything from you on my follow list.... turns out I must not follow you (had to go to TopMommyBlogs to get here again)

    Glad to see you have a HOLLYJOLLY Christmas!

  5. PS- and we have that picture of or 3 boys at that age- the Loving Neck SQUEEZE....

  6. your boys are yummy yummy yummy in their matching jammies. so cute.



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