Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Resolutions on 1.1.11

1. Pray more
[Talk & listen...even about the small & everyday stuff]

2. Read & memorize The Word
[Beth Moore studies]

3. Prioritizing Daily

4. Mentor & be mentored
[Prioritize time with friends around this]

5. See Heaven come to Earth [Daily!]

6. Work on...anger & judgement
[No yelling!]

7. Give more
[My love, time, talents, & money]

8. Read 12 books
[One a month]

9. More scheduled
[On time more often & more accomplished]

10. Our family eat out less
[Especially fast food]

11. Lose 50 lbs before baby #4
[Weight Watchers]

Not that these are "resolutions", but I wouldn't mind if I ran my first 5K,completed P90X, took more Salsa lessons or got caught up on scrapbooking. [I gladly accept scrapbook retreat weekends!]

A lot of 2010 was spent on [re]focusing on our marriage, our kids and our family. I look forward to a year of starting off on the right foot and seeing all God does in and through us.

What are your resolutions?


  1. I'm definitely wanting to lose weight too. Let's see if I make it.


  3. I decided to do it too! :) Thanks for making me think!

  4. if you run a 5k I will be there cheering you on with a poster and a water mister and orange slices and a bullhorn and war paint on my face. and a tshirt that says something like "candra runs on jesus"



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