Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Black & White Wordless [#10]

A snapshot from our travels from GA to TX

I know what this looks like.

It looks like my 4 year old in the back of the car 
with his head covered by a trash bag.

Looks can be deceiving...
...but in this case, they aren't.

This is Nation's reaction to me saying...
 "Okay, fine, you can play with your bag of Tinker Toys  in the car, but don't make a huge mess with with them in the bag."

Let's just say...he took me literally by playing with them in the bag.
I guess I should have said "over the bag."

Oh, and the stickers? I can't tell you how many times I've judged "those vans" with "those people" who let "those kids" cover their car with stickers. Let me just say, I figured out how it happens...your kids do it, you don't notice, then you notice, and think...great, now I have to go buy that glue-be-gone stuff and peel all those off. 

"I'll get to that in my spare time"
[which we know never]

So...I'm officially "one of those moms"


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  1. Haha, kids can be so funny. And yes, I too can't stand when I see those cars with stickers all over the back windows. What is wrong those crazy parents? But of course, I know one day Claire is going to have a sheet of stickers and find the perfect place (my car windows) and they'll probably remain there for eons because I barely have time to breathe let alone worry about some stickers.

  2. I have one or two stray stickers on my van windows. LOL!

  3. That's too funny. Kids are so literal!!!

  4. thats too funny. love the post

  5. *points and laughs* Look at THAT MOM!!! :) Whatevs, you are so not the average stickered up van mom. :)

  6. do the boys pee in cups on long road trips too....

    sometimes you do what you've got to!



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