Monday, December 27, 2010

What My Husband Does For A Living

or "How My Husband Brings Home The Bacon"

or "Did You Know Wires Were So Purdy?"

As you know, we just got home last Sunday from Dayton, Ohio after an almost 5 month out-of-town job for my husband's company, Inspired Excellence. My husband took a crew of 6 guys with him and they transformed WHIO Channel 7 News Station into this...

 They specialize in taking messes of wires and making it look like that [above].

 They ran wires from the equipment room through the ceilings, the floors, and even along the ceiling [like above third picture] to the TV studio.

 They installed TV's as well as all the broadcast wiring.

 The boys were amazed at the thousands of wires that ran under the floors.

 All their hard work is not only organized and beautiful, but makes live newscasts & weather reports possible...among other things.

P.S. I shot all these photos with Moses on my thats babywearing.


  1. These photos are amazing! I especially like the ones of the boys :)

  2. Those are incredible pictures! My mom took me in there the other day to show me what he had been working on - very cool. I know they are very proud of all their new capabilities!

  3. Candra- it was so impressive watching the crew put all this together. How they could keep it all straight is beyond me. Hard work and lots of talent!
    I know Beth has enjoyed getting to know your family- Thank you for the joy you brought to Dayton with you!

  4. Ah! Who knew! A beautiful world of color!

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  5. That is awesome that the kids got to go to the station! The wires are actually really pretty as well!



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