Friday, November 5, 2010

Parenting is Hard Work

"There are those who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers." 
-Proverbs 30:11

If I had to summarize what God has been working on in me these last 5 weeks while doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible Study, I'd say: Parenting. It's my full time job [and calling], but I've been convicted & humbled at what God has to say about it.

Before you have kids, it's easy to look at your parents [step parents, in laws, etc] and judge, but become a parent and you begin to understand. I repented today for all the judgements I've made against all the parents in my life. Asking God to forgive me where I have been prideful to think I'd never do this or that or judging their actions in my heart [or with my mouth].

Parenting is hard work.

Beth Moore says, "Sometimes we're willing to criticize what happened before us, but are we willing to take the challenge of positively affecting those after us?"

I'm asking God [and I hope you will too] to help me stop being quick to judge, but be quick to bless. I want every good thing my parents were, and bless them, even though they weren't perfect. I'm no perfect parent myself. Thankfully. Can I say that again? Thankfully...He is.

Moore also says, "We can be honest with ourselves and with God and still avoid belittling [demeaning] a parent. Would you be willing to ask God to help you view any sins of your parents for the sake of the high risk they run of repeating themselves in your life or your children's...?"

"...Enslaved parents teach their children how to live in bondage even with the best intentions to do otherwise."

Right as I read those words on that page, I heard the Lord tell me 
"Candra, they will be like what you are and not just what you tell them to be." 

What a terrifying [and wonderful] opportunity. Be [in Christ] everything I want them to be. That's parenting. Be it. Don't just instruct them on how to be, but be the example for them.

I'm so thankful for all the areas where my parents were Christ to me. And where they weren't...He was. And such will be for my kids.

I've got lots of "being" to grow into. I'm thankful for His help everyday. I'm no counselor, no Beth Moore, I'm just a Christian mommy encouraging you to...

Stop judging your parents
Forgive your parents
Be thankful for your parents
Bless your parents
Live in peace with them 
Be the person you want your child to grow up to be


  1. This is beautiful. Love, love, love it. Thank you for sharing, you've blessed me tonight.

  2. Beautiful. Parenting is hard work, but so worth it.

  3. thanks y'all [i know i always say that, but i mean it]

  4. Thanks for sharing what you are learning! Sounds like an awesome study. I think my favorite part of what you shared is the last line..."Be the person you want your child to grow up to be." So challenging, but like you said in a good way!



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