Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#14]

Thankful This Week For:

1- Nationisms
"I love you so much my heart breaks" What Nation told me while we were making muffins together. Followed by his usual, "you're the bestest mommie in the whole wide world" speech.

2- Kettel Corn
My small group leader, Elizabeth, made me homemade kettle corn "for the drive back", but I pretty much ate the whole bag before we left for OH.

3- Besties
Seeing both my best friends, April & Sarah, [who currently both live in two different states than me] in the same weekend.

4- P90X
Well, really I'm more thankful that Charles & I are working out together. It's always been a bummer to have cut into "our time" for him to go to the gym and then for me to go to the gym. Now we are just working out in the living room together at-the-same-time. Sure, we'll mix it up sometimes, but in general we're hoping to stick to working out together in our home. This has become the only option with a busy work schedule & three kids. Plus, it's intense [him] & adaptive [me] enough for both of us. We are on week 1...stay tuned.

5- Chocolate Milk
Apparently new studies show it's a great reward replenisher after intense workouts. Healthier & cheaper than zillion ingredient protein shakes. [Don't tell me if it's not true, I don't want to know.]

6- God's safety
With three boys...every week is full of bruises, bumps, cuts, falls, & near-death-experiences. Solomon swallowed a penny yesterday [so I'm having my first go at searching thru poops]. Then, I thought I ran over Nation at one point. Thankfully he was just hiding in the back of the car eating Halloween candy that had fallen on the floor. I however, did throw the car into park and jump down on my knees on to the concrete to check under the car. 

The drive there and back were fast & safe. Being home was...magical. To smell my house. Let the kids go crazy in the backyard. Use my large capacity washer. Spread out on my king size bed. Walk on my hard wood floors. Experience the clutter of 1,000 sq ft and 5 people [plus toys].

I'm so thankful that the kids' costumes all came in from eBay & Amazon on time and that Charles & I were able to sew glue our costumes together. I love themes and it was really fun to dress up with my whole family. My thankful 8.5 would be that Charles & I now have matching cowboy boots!!!

9- Leaves
Fall around here is just so gorgeous and I'm starting to think this is the prettiest season of all. The boys enjoyed playing in the leaves so much yesterday, Solomon [who always looses shoes & drops forks] lost his $30 pair of Crocs in a hill of leaves. I spent about 15 minutes searching for them while all the kids were in their car seats. Nation, who, disobediently got out of his car seat, came over, prayed that Jesus would help him find the last shoe, and voila, he did. I'm so thankful for childlike faith [that would be my 9.5].

10- The 13 gals [and 1 special guy] who joined my first ever blog hop last week and shared their "thankfuls". I hope all of them will be back this week! Thanks...
Sarah, Jennifer, Lindsey, Chrissi, Monica, Mel, Noellen, Melanie, Natalyn, Janell, Sarah Grace, April, and Amy.


Every Thursday, I'm inviting you to join me in being thankful. 
You can do this one of two ways.

1-If you don't have a blog:
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*You don't have to do it on Thursdays, you can do it any day of the week. 
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  1. What sweet little boys you have. Isn't amazing how much mischief two boys can get into.

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome week! :) Don't feel to bad about thinking you ran over your son...I have to count my kids before I leave to go anywhere! LOL! :)

  3. I think it's great that you write this list every week :)

    I tagged you in a post! Tag: You're It! No pressure though! :)

  4. 1. Im thankful for God providing opportunities beyond my wildest imagination.
    2. Im thankful for Friends and family that are trustworthy and will help with my children so I can take advantage of those "in my wildest dreams" moments.
    3. Im thankful for airplanes that get me from the east coast to the west in 4 hours... never flown till this week and Im pretty sure it is the only way to travel now!
    4. Im thankful for my best friend and husband who has experienced every adventure, big or small, with me for 16 years this month.
    5. Im thankful for Skype so that I can see my children's faces while I hear them laugh.
    6. Im thankful for sunshine and 90 degree weather when just about everyone I know is experiencing cold and rain.
    7. Im thankful for God's inspiration and fresh ideas that he gives his.
    8. Im thankful for rounded shower curtains- they really do make it feel more roomy and that helps the low water pressure and shower thats 3 inches too short for my body seem ok.
    9. Im thankful for variety... in so many things... people, food, clothes- but especially the Pacific vs. the Atlantic this week.
    10. Im thankful that God can take the prayers Ive prayed, for the things I thought I wanted/needed, and mold them into what He wants for me. Although its rarely exactly what I asked for, I can see all the ways God answers and how His answers are so much better than what I asked for in the first place.
    You can tell Im basically happy to be in San Diego this week, huh?!

  5. I did 2 out of the three, too close to midnight to figure out #3, my eye were blurry by the time I finished. Slept well though! :)

  6. Ha, this post is open all come back and finish it :)



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