Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't Throw Away Saturday

If you've been following along, you know the last few Saturday's Charles has had to work. I'm not the type to sit around on the weekend while my kids tear up the house [and I am bored to death]. Even to the point that I'm willing to be a bit overwhelmed or even stressed out in public at the possibility of being entertained by a new surrounding. I highly recommend it.

Just don't do what a close friend of mine recently did... [you know who you are]...she just realized today she hasn't left her house in 12 days. Girlfriend! Get out! Please be praying for her y'all, I kid I kid. Love you friend.

So, Saturday I decided to take the kids to an indoor waterpark that looked promising even though I was a bathing suit & life vest short. We made due and headed down 75, which turned out to be a parking lot. So instead of going zero, and I do mean zero. We got off at Dayton mall for 2 hours. Chick-fil-a, Cookie Express and a Gap sale later we were back on the road.

I'm not much of a shopper, and even when I do, I'm more of an online shopper, but I couldn't pass up this 45%-90% every item in the store sale on our way to the car. Even with the kids...I managed to grab a few things.

I got three jean jackets for the boys, 3 Christmas sweaters for our pictures, 2 long sleeve swim shirts for next year, 3 new shirts for Nation, and a new pair of Robeez for Moses.

The kids took a mini nap on the way there, traffic was gone and we all made it out of the waterpark dressing room alive. It was $15 a person for a 3 day weekend pass. I think that's an awesome deal considering in Atlanta it's $30 for the day

I loved this place. It was a nice 85 degrees inside, no sunscreen needed, a bar, big screen TVs, several play areas [with gates!] and a lazy river. We took 4 trips to the bathroom before I even gave Nation something to drink if that gives you any idea of how much water he was swallowing while playing [eww]. Obviously I wasn't crazy enough to bring my real camera. 

The kids got up that morning before 7 am and it was nearly 7pm when we drove up that night so they went straight to bed and our angel babysitter came over while Charles and I went out on a date.

We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory [stalked someone leaving their bar seats and averted having to wait]. Dessert at Caribou Coffee, where Charles bought me a beautiful hot pink [on the outside and pink zebra on the inside] coffee sleeve.

The employees assured me that although they were cute, I was likely to throw it away with my cup on accident. Charles agreed that either that would happen or I'd loose it somewhere in the car. Y'all I'm determined to prove them wrong. 

Candra, note to self: Don't Throw it Away.

I didn't have a chance to shower before our date so my hair was still half wet from swimming. I'm ashamed to say I've never been one that's good with bobby pins, but it sounds like a great 2011 resolution. I did manage to make some type of bump to hide the hideousness of my hair. 

While walking to our movie, Unstoppable, we ran into [literally--coffee spilling and all] the guys from our crew. Charles' business is currently employing five contractors here in Ohio. 

They are a goofy bunch. Especially Santa [beard on the end]. We debated discussed last week how they all have me to thank for their job because I introduced them all to Charles either from college or church. The verdict is still out on this one. Either way, Charles is blessed to work with such great guys.

Saturday was so non-stop busy Charles took the kids Sunday to the Creation Museum [again] and then back to the waterpark while I...stayed at home for 9 hours and did a lot of nothing in silence and it was wonderful. Moses was here, but he doesn't really count. He just crawled, ate, napped and smiled.


  1. That looks so fun!!! I gave you a stylish blogger award due to your new look and all! ;) Head on over and pick it up.

  2. Can't wait till we get to do indoor park with the boys, we always have such a good time when we go.

  3. Seriously have you got the creation museum near you? That is one place we would love to save up for and make a trip to the USA just to bring my teenage boys to.

    You look as if you all had a wonderful time and I would have loved to have been in that shop full of bargains aswell!



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