Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black & White Wordless [#5]

Where boys hide their Oreos

Me: "Nation did you just get a cookie out of the kitchen?"
Nation: Looks down at his underwear and pulls cookie out
Me: "Hold on, let mommy grab the camera"


This just so happens to be my 100th post. I started this blog the day we arrived in Dayton, OH and tonight should have been the night we arrived home for good. We are home tonight, but not for good. Looks like we will stay there until the week of Christmas. 

Nevertheless, this blog ride has been so amazing I'm keeping with it. 
Thanks for reading [all 100 times]!


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  1. Love it!! My guys usually joke by saying - to any question of where something is - "it's in my underwear"! Guess that statement would actually be true for your little man.

  2. Only boys! LOL!

    Blessings and grace,

  3. Is it just me or is he sitting on another child?

  4. that is too funny. i love that you are keeping a record of these things to tell them when they are older (and their wives and kids). 100 posts!!!!!! that is really cool how it perfectly corresponded with the original trip dates. so, i was wondering how you can save the blog (design, posts) if you did a different one day like when you have a girl, etc. that would be so cool if blogger could make a dvd of the blog and you clicked on different menus to read the blogs, etc. i'm really into the archival aspects so let me know what you know. but for now have a super thankful happy thanksgiving. i was thinking about thanksgiving this week (my favorite american holiday) and really the heart is what you do-thankfulness all year. that is what the Lord desires-a thankful heart in all things at all times. and then getting together for thanksgiving is more of a corporate celebration (like the feast commanded by moses) to give thanks together (and also remember what the Lord did for the pilgrims). so it's not a time to give thanks once a year-of course i've known that in my heart but never really thought it out like that. i guess you think about these things more as you raise your kids-what are we teaching them by what we say and live.
    maybe i shouldn't have a blog until i learn how to write less. i could comment on and on about your different posts but for now i might just talk to you about them-ha ha

    love you

  5. One time my mom found rocks in my brother's underwear... because he was crying about his "ahem" hurting. Apparently he was collecting them off the soccer field during the game, haha.

  6. Oh dear....very inventive! Perfect capture!

    Erika B

  7. thanks y'all

    glad to provide a laugh

    janell---it does look like that doesn't it? wouldn't surprise me



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