Friday, October 29, 2010

He is the Art of My Heart

Nation [my oldest] is 4.5 years old. He keeps me laughing.

You might have previously read about his necklace to get out of trouble, this week he said some pretty hilarious things too, including:

Me: "Nation you can get out of timeout"
Him: "But I'm not sorry still"
Me: "Okay, then I guess stay in time out" 

That was Tuesday. Today, after he shoved his brothers face into the carpet [sigh], I sent him to timeout [which we use with other forms of punishment, but he hates to not be playing like everyone else, it's worse than any thing else we've tried...for him, but only since he's gotten older. Timeout did not work for him as an infant/toddler.

So, he's screaming in time out, I start to walk away and he points to our scripture verse on the wall [the one we read when we fight with our brother] and says screams...

"Mom read me what the bible says"

ha ha

He is such a sweetheart too. He wakes Solomon up so gently from his naps and brings him water and a snack. He speaks softly and kindly to him. 

Today he looked at the flowers his dad gave me and drew this picture for me. I suppose it's his first still art sketch. I am still having these moments were I go "Wow, is my kid nearing 5? He can actually draw a flower?" I feel like just yesterday I was trying to teach him to draw something that resembled a circle.

It's got grass and everything. Obviously, as his mom, I'm more enthralled-amazed-excited than you are, but I thought I'd share just a bit of my Nation with you.

Has your kid done or said anything lately that made you laugh or take a step back?


  1. Need I say more? My kids are always teaching me something which in turn helps me teach others. Kids are awesome, we can learn so much from them! I just love reading about your family, your boys are such fun!

  2. Save the picture--it's a treasure you'll want to keep. He did a good job. I'm glad you're blogging this precious moments. Time flies faster than you think, especially when you're a 20 something mom. Before you know it, you're a 50 something mom and your kids are all grown up with babies of their own. Treasure these times with Nation--they are memories to last a lifetime! Love you!

  3. just wanted to let you know! we are having a big harvest party/community outreach today! 11-1pm if you'd like to come check us out! I will be in a white sweatshirt in the gym with the kids games! it would be fun to see you and your sweet family!

  4. thanks Jenilee, we actually came back to GA for the weekend!

  5. Following from Top Mommy Blogs! Love your blog! We have a ton in common, I cant wait to follow! I have two boys under 2! I love it! My blog is



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