Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wooden Spoons & Wooden Blocks

This week Charles is working 7 am-7:45 pm. He leaves at 6:40 am and gets home after 8 pm. LONG days for me. Pretty much the 12 hours the kids are awake. The kids played inside a lot today while I cleaned, etc. Debated about going out around naptime, but stuck to the schedule [always regret when I don't] and Moses & Solomon napped from 1-4.

We went to Sam's club this evening & then to the pool before dinner. I tried out soup again on the kids they told me they would like the chicken & rice "out of the water". Ha. I decided not to loose it on them over this tonight [of all nights] and just fixed something different. Normally I don't, but it was either that or a breakdown.

Usually I put them down at 8 pm, but we are letting them stay up a little later to spend some time with daddy. Nation goes in and out of naughty phases and although most would assume it's the move or time away from daddy I would normally agree with you, but it's probably just him being him. He's awesomely stubborn, but my job is to holy-spirit-harness that for the Lord's glory [one day].

Until then---it's a lot of work. Next time I find myself explaining myself [reasoning] with him I'm going to spank me. Nation has his own thoughts on spankings---He told me tonight "spankings don't work". He comes up with great things to "get in my head". He's a character.

In between timeouts he invited me to see his block creation. He got these Melissa & Doug Blocks for his 4th birthday [Thanks Grandma Quay] and really enjoys them. I love to see what he invents.

I want to continue to buy the boys more building and creative toys. These cost $60 in several stores I've looked at, but you can find them on Amazon.com for a fraction of the cost---the price varies daily, but usually is around $35-45. Same exact ones and I have Amazon Prime so the 20 lbs of shipping is free---majorly their loss.

Going back to the subject of breakdowns, I told Charles I could either go have a good cry or go run. He suggested I run. Tried out the new gym and got back on track doing the Couch to 5K. I did three weeks worth before we left for OH and loved it. Will blog about this another time.


  1. Running has become my main outlet lately! Especially without the iPod. It's the only time I have totally to myself without any noise whatsoever, and it's been blissful. While I run, all the thoughts in my head shake to the surface, then dissipate, and when I'm done I feel more clear-headed than ever. Good time for prayer, too. Wish you and I were living together and we could run together! Love you, Candra!



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