Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ohio State Fair

It's been really hard not to blog every night, but I have to keep my priorities in check and go to bed earlier, hence, my plans this week:

1. Take advantage of this awesome gym a few feet from my door a couple of early mornings before Charles leaves
2. Not take advantage of the free tanning bed [boo to being wise about my skin]
3. Make good dinners even though Charles won't be home till 8 every night this week
4. Check out a new park or two
5. Have a movie day with the kids in the theater located in the main office
6. Find a bounce house
7. Try to keep our trips to the pool this week under 5 so my kids don't grow fins
8. Most importantly have a quiet time...started reading Joshua today
9. Another date night with Charles [tonight we had some pool time alone while a friend watched the sleeping babes]
10. Go to bed before midnight [#1.'s goal should eventually kick this in]

We've been here one week now and Charles and I both concluded that we like it enough to live here, but of course love Atlanta way more. My expectations of the Dayton area are much better than I anticipated. Yesterday, I ran an errand for a friend a little north of here & today we attended the Ohio State Fair in Columbus...both drives were full of miles of corn fields & barns I wish I had stopped to take pictures of, instead I took lots of mental ones.

We are undecided about attending a church here as with three kids small kids and new nurseries we usually spend most of the time in the hall way. We are leaning towards a family church and or house church with some of our employees. Either way, today's Sabbath was full of fun and lacking any stress. Highlight: the two older boys both road on a ferris wheel for the first time.

We spent about 4 hours at the fair/state park this afternoon.
Things we learned:
1. Cash is more widely [only] accepted over debit cards
2. It's hot when you're not in the shade
3. You can buy a hot tub there...impulsive & easy to take home, right?

4. Tickets do not work on games
5. Our kids can't ride most of the rides
6. Fair=Funnel Cakes [There is no way around this equation]

7. In a crowd of thousands you will only see one person nursing or wearing a baby [me]
8. You shouldn't wear flip flops

9. Smokey the bear [14 ft version] knows your name
[they secretly ask the parents & then he talks to the kids by name as they walk by]

10. No matter where we are my kids remind me they are 4 and 2. [No more pictures & Hold onto me mommy]

I was waiting by the basketball game with Moses & Solomon while Charles took Nation to do something and the young game owner said to me "Baby, for $2 you can play this game" then proceeded to tell me "Baby, where's Daddy at? Is he close?" then..."Baby, what will you give me if I win you a prize?" [looks me up and down]. Wow, if a woman who just had a baby, in gaucho pants, not matching, no makeup, and frizzy hair, while holding a baby and strolling a toddler doesn't send you a message I don't know what will. He was honestly hitting on me knowing my "baby's daddy" was around the corner. I'm thinking, "Are you looking to support some extra kids [for fun] on your carnival salary or what?" He's lucky to not have a black eye--.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Love the story of the carnival employee :)

  2. Great story, great shots! What kind of camera did u take these shots with. Most of the pix you take are so clear and colorful.

    Curious Kym :-)

  3. Curious Kym-
    Canon Rebel XT [from 2006] with a 50mm lens. I think four things contribute: [1] the 50mm lens [2] shooting in P [3] Adjusting the A/V +/- [4] A light adjusting of the blacks & lens correction in Adobe Lightroom

  4. [5] indoor shots I use an external flash [pricey, but so helpful]

  5. I vote house church!!! We love ours and have learned so much since we started it last summer. We all bring something potluck style and have brunch together first and then the kids play while the adults fellowship and study. We all do things with our own kids at home, rather than doing "Sunday School" per se. It is so relaxed and we've felt a freedom to learn whatever the Spirit is leading us to learn that week. Sometimes we stick to a plan, sometimes not. It's great. :)



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