Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Perfect [Mom] Blog

[to me]

Before starting a blog I did lots of reading & research to see all what was out there. I'm no expert, but I have come to conclude I like:

1. Lists [Quick & Easy to read]
2. "Naptime-size-nuggets" [This means I only have so long to read blogs so get on with your point & don't write a book]
3. Beautiful pictures [preferably taken with really expensive cameras I wish I had]
4. Pictures of their family [I love seeing other kids expressions & actions]
5. Wit & Humor [When I sit down to nurse & surf the web I need something that will make me's a moms energy drink]
6. Talking about their walk with Christ
7. Vulnerability [When someone I respect shares they too have a sink full of dirty dishes, piles of laundry, have yelled at their kids that day, ate too much chocolate & ...need His grace all the more]
8. More talk less Ads [Excluding the blogs that are purposefully centered around giveaways]
9. Can tell a great story [Vocabulary I wish I had-Usage of Similes & Metaphors making me experience the moment]
10. Customize designed site [Although ShabbyBlogs is nice & free I hope to one day upgrade]

Obviously I use [1], still say too much for [2], am trying to rock the camera more [3] & [4] which is something I like that the blog has encouraged---persevering my families memories---[5] I try, Trying to improve my walk with Christ so that when I say something it's actually beneficial to others and lived out by me [6], there is still so much more to confess [7] but I will say I did go to bed last night instead of finishing this blog, [8] I'd like to do giveaways, but prefer the concept of a witty blog people love so much I don't have to have them for unless just to bless others, [9] I need to learn some mad skills from her her and her, and need to be able to afford who she pays [10].

In other news, Dayton has a lot of flies. And we're trying to hit all the parks in the area before we leave. Here is the first. When the website described it as "centrally located among a number of homes" they meant out in the open with no shade [so my kids huddled under my umbrella the majority of the 90 minutes].

Royal Pointe Park


  1. Oh, what an honor to be in your list there. Also, I get so frustrated at non-shaded parks. Surely they think about that stuff when planning where to put the play stuff?


  2. this is so kind! thank you.

    i'm totally in love with that teal tunnel and want to take my kids' pictures there. =)



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