Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Day

Charles and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Friday. In honor of this I will [hopefully] be posting 5 extra blogs dedicated to our story...for the romantic at heart. Here is the third of five.

Wedding Day

It was near lunchtime and I was sitting in a salon chair getting my hair done when my cell phone alarm went off. I didn't even remember having a cell phone alarm, much less remembering setting an alarm. The txt read "Good day to get married." Suddenly I remembered. A few months before, when Charles and I were dating, he teased me about my lease and wanting to marry me before it was up in August [and I renewed with my roommate]. He took my phone and put in August 20...Good day to get married. 

Time went by and both of us forgot about it. The irony was, it wasn't even the day I wanted, but the place we got married was only available that one day in August. I had wanted the weekend before. 

A small reminder that day that the Lord had planned this day way before we did.

We married outside, at Kennesaw Mountain Gardens in Kennesaw, GA on the hottest day of the year. Even at 7pm, it was over 100. I think when most people remember my wedding they remember...the sweat...the fans...the bottled water.

I remember...Him. 

I don't remember even breaking a sweat [until pictures afterwards]. I was finally a bride and was enjoying every minute of it.

The Bride

The Groom

We waited to see each other that day, until that moment. I'm so glad we did. I walked down the aisle to "Come away with me", by Nora Jones. 

The ceremony was only 15 minutes and we both exchanged vows we had written. 

My vows to him:
Charles, you have fought for my heart and have shown yourself worthy of it.
A strong warrior for the Lord.
I look at the spiritual fruit in your life and know you are the one.
Your lavish love towards me has caused me to bloom.
You've encouraged me to be who I am:
to paint, to dance, to be free.
You are a man like King David----a man after God's own heart,
and that is what gives me great peace when marrying you.
You have led us down a very romantic and adventurous path,
and this is only the beginning.
I know that our marriage is meant to be because God has gotten more glory from us being together than before we met.
My desire is for my Lord and the one He has given me to.
I am not my own, but yours. I love you

His vows to me:
The love of my life.
A priceless treasure found in the sunrise of my life.
What precious, beautiful thoughts I have toward you, Candra.
I love you so much.
My heart is tender and kind and full of love....
and no one loves you more than Jesus,
and my love can't compare to His,
but as my wife, you will be blessed with a husband who lays down his life for his bride.
As Jesus loved His church, and gave Himself up completely for his bride---
I promise to you, have my
faithful, passionate, gentle, undying love 
for all the rest of your days.
I am the most blessed man in the whole world
to have someone as beautiful as you are 
to grow old with.

He cried. I saw when I made it to the end of the aisle. I never did...I was too happy, too happy even for happy tears. Everyone anticipated the end of the ceremony that would be followed by...our first kiss. Yes, we'd waited. He'd won. Everyone rang their little wedding bells and I stared at him not knowing what would come next. 

Dip. Smile. Kiss. Longer Kiss. Still Kissing. Up. Blush. Smile. Wink.

The ceremony followed directly after at the same location. Charles and I walked in the door...danced and danced and danced...the only drink we had was the toast and the only food we had was the one bite of cake. He sang two songs to me. Then, back to dancing.

We left in a limo to the Grand Hyatt in Downtown Atlanta where we spent our first night together as husband and wife before leaving the next morning to Jamaica.

That's a whole other story---he never told me where we were going. He's all about surprises. I didn't know until we were on the plane. My suitcase had everything from a winter coat to flip flops. He convinced me it was a long flight and I was sure it was to somewhere awful and outdoors like Africa...I loaded up at the airport thinking I'd be on a plane for the next day. Two hours later we landed in paradise. 

They had un-expectantly closed down our hotel. I cried. He said "Don't worry mon". Then they sent us to a much nicer Sandals...the best actually, and gave us a $5,000 room upgrade. In was all inclusive and I ate like I was on a cruise ship and still lost 5 lbs. You figure that one.

Six days later we came back to Atlanta [reality] and our little adventure began. 

Mr. & Mrs. Georgi
Favorite picture #3 of us


  1. Great way to start my day! (though crying is messing up the make up I just did)

    I especially loved the part where you exchanged "vowels". :) Sorry, the English teacher in me had to say it.

  2. I'll keep moving to lose weight, and you keep honeymooning. :) I like your plan better!

    I loved your first kiss - it was so grandiose and Scarlett O'Hara like. I'll always remember watching it, fanning myself, fanning Jaana, sweating and smiling from ear to ear.

    Love you!

  3. I still want to see the wedding video! How has this not happened yet???

  4. that was a wonderful day for sure!!! i remember those vows, as i was reading them i was amazed what an impression they left on my heart. it is good to see them being lived out-y'all are awesome.
    i don't remember the heat-i think i was too happy to notice too. that is funny because josh cried in our wedding ceremony and i was too happy and full and i didn't cry so we are like the same. courtney and candra candra and courtney.
    yes, the kiss was the best kiss i have ever seen at a wedding and people still gasp when i tell them it was y'all's first.
    hmm, i could guess why you lost weight on the honeymoon lol
    y'all's adventure has always been fun to watch.



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