Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mother's Day Do-Over

I slept in [you all know this is a gift in itself] and woke up to this...

and this...

and this...

and these outside...

Is it just me or when you receive a [costly] "just because" gift you immediately feel bad or like you don't deserve it? I'm still in the process of graciously receiving compliments & gifts from my husband. Charles later joked about considering it a Mother's Day do-over. Suddenly, I felt less bad about all the gifts. 

This past Mother's Day, we weren't exactly getting along, we were tight, and Nation's Sunday school teacher told me she thought Nation needed to be on prescription drugs for his behavior. There was a lot of crying that day. It was one of the worst mornings of my adult life.

When I think back over my Mother's Days in the past...there were some good ones and some bad ones. I never saw The Middle's Mother's Day episode, but my mom told me about it. Why are some Mother's Days bad...but rarely Father's days aren't?

Who cares. It's days like yesterday's "just because" that make up for the formal days that don't always pan out positively.  

A 2 minute clip from The Middle's episode.


  1. I remember this past Mother's glad you got a redo! You definitely deserve it! Go Charles!

  2. i had never seen that show but the clip was hilarious!! and so true sometimes!! so glad you had such a great "for no reason" surprise.

  3. i have decided to buy the season and watch this mothers day episode every Mother's Day Eve with the Family and WILL BE MANDATORY!! We may post the whole show next time! Mom

  4. Everybody deserves a do over once in a while! I spent mother's day at the Renaissance Festival last year... *shudder*



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