Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How To Split Your Brothers Head Open & Make A Laptop

We arrived here exactly a month ago. This was probably my favorite month of the year so far. I took some of my favorite pictures, all of which, hopefully aren't lost on my other Mac that is currently totally not turning on. How I am going to take it with the three kids to the Mac store [an hour from here] and stand there while they fix it is beyond me. Moving on.

My days have always been this eventful, but now I just keep my camera in the kitchen so I can always capture these moments [or try to]. 

I noticed Nation had attached a old digital camera I let him take pictures with sometimes to a string and was swinging it around...when I saw the blood running into Solomon's eye. It's a quarter size lump with a small cut. We butterfly "band-aided" it.

I've really been trying to focus on teaching the kids the Word. I haven't got anything scheduled or organized, but I'm just teaching them at meal times. I made up gestures to this one, but now Solomon says "Mouth-Eyes-Lord-Good".

If it can be climbed on--he will figure it out.
I guess this basketball goal has two purposes.
[Moses fell off the couch while I took this crying or injury though...small "roll" fall...his first of many I'm sure]

He probably fell because he keeps doing this...beginner crawling.

The boys are always excited when Moses wakes up. I have been training them not to crawl inside the pack n play with him. So...Nation decided tipping it over wasn't technically crawling in-to it.

Moses was just minding his own business in his exersaucer. Then I turned around to see Nation "mooning" Moses. I grabbed the camera in time to find Solomon was following Nation's example. I snapped before they showed you their behinds. 

Nation said he wished he had his own laptop. So he grabbed my book and my keyboard cover and made this.

Had a genius idea. Drive right up to the river and let the kids play while I clean out the Beast [SUV]. I can do this [in the shade] while they get their wiggles out.

Bonus: "Science Class" at Five Rivers MetroPark
[is it just me or is the sun shinning down on this little creature?]

That concluded my day with the boys. For dinner I made salad, spaghetti and bread. Went straight to the gym for the hardest day ever so far of Couch to 5K while Charles put kids to bed.


  1. I loved your pics, your post & your sense of humor. I like the idea of posting up verses from the bible to every day activites. Sometimes I will post verses or ideas on our fridge for character building, but they are usually geared towards our teens. I love the idea of doing it for the younger ones! Thanks.

  2. i love reading about your days-i'm officially caught up! one day your children will rise & call you blessed! nation-gotta love him-tell him thank you for making me laugh.

  3. WOW. Just wow. The most dangerous thing my girls do is walk on the fireplace. LOL You have the patience of a saint!!! Do you spend all day gasping out loud or do you just roll with it? I'm a gasper, totally.

  4. I like your blog. You make me laugh, and as a new mother of a boy, you give me insight into what I've gotten myself into. Oh, and Couch to 5K really works. It totally got me into running, and I used to say that I only ran when I was chased. So keep plugging away at it.



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