Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Irony of Boredom

Nation was laying on the floor this morning [when we usually go outside, but Friday's have been cleaning days] and said..."Mom, I'm tired." But immediately I discerned, the word he was looking for was...Bored. Poor thing had run out of things to do and didn't even know the word to describe it. Oh, don't worry, now he does and proved it by using it several times today. Even telling me once, "Mom, you are making me boring" [translation: you aren't entertaining me enough].

I think that's the milestone between childhood and adulthood. True boredom. Or maybe it's the difference between childhood and mommyhood. I can't remember the last time I thought "Man, I have nothing to do, I sure wish there was something to keep me busy...I'm just lying around running out of ideas." Thankfully imagination keep us busy in both "hoods." To my little boys it's chasing make believe creatures and building tall towers [out of anything that can be stacked vertically]. But in mommyhood it's climbing Mt. Laundry and swimming across Lake Dishes. All require survival skills.

The irony of it all is...when you're a child all you complain about is running out of things TO DO, and when you're an adult all you do is complain about all you have TO DO. 

Things we do inside while mom cleans & we've decided our toys aren't interesting:

We wrestle
Yes, Solomon is usually in a diaper & Nation in his underwear
[it's Green, less laundry, don't hate]

We brush our teeth for fun

We kidsquat.
The natural position small children daily find comfortable
[Makes midwives happy too]

Oh Dear, what if Nation had been a twin?

We watch Shark Boy & Lava Girl
this "your brain on drugs" look is why some parents don't let their kids watch TV
[Side Note: please go look at who is Skark Boy in the movie]

We accidentally take photos of our blinds

Color edits in above pictures inspired by this unedited picture above.

[Side Note: everyone who wants their kids to nap should purchase room darkening shades. Especially if your room faces East, or your kids room faces West].

Don't feel too sorry for my kids, I later took them to the park & to the pool. Should I mention I had to give Nation a massage to make him be still & fall asleep? Then I proceeded to temporally loose him at the park. That's why we call him The Flash. Never stops moving...Never slows down.


  1. Really enjoy your blog! So true about the boredom.

  2. I've enjoyed my time here, Candra. Now back to what I should be doing...

  3. Oh this post makes me laugh. So true -- I can't remember the last time I was bored. It's been decades. But yet my kids ask me daily, 44 times every minute, "What can I doooooo?" It makes me insane. We just got back from bowling. We walked in the door. My youngest asked, "Now what can I do?" I nearly went on a rampage. I sent them both to their rooms for "quiet time." Works for me!

  4. love the photos and love that you're making your kids boring ;)

  5. I don't remember being bored much as a kid, but I do remember being in trouble a lot. :) I remember thinking, "I can't wait until I grow up and I never get in trouble again!"

    Little did I know that grown up trouble just feels 1000x worse than kid trouble. Grown up boredome, though, is thankfully nonexistent.



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