Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#4]

It's been one of those Thursdays where I've re-heated my tea several times. 

Life is a constant interruption from watching children [although tempting to thing the opposite is true]. You know those days where your toddler poops in the indoor Chick-fil-a playground [upon arrival]...when the nuggets are hot, the baby is asleep in the carrier and you didn't bring your diaper bag inside? Nevertheless, it's always a good day to be thankful.

Thankful this week for:

1-Long email convos back in forth with close girlfriends that are too intimate for blogs

2-Tomorrow is Friday. Which means the next two days following Charles will be around ALL day.

3-Takeout brought home by Charles when the day was too long for me to desire to cook

4-Beth Moore bible studies [Was in Proverbs when I left GA and am looking forward to Breaking Free this Fall]

5-Free parks [keeps the kids exhausted & gives me something to conquer & day, new park]

6-A great mom whom I enjoy the company of [and conversation with while away]

7-Texting [a wonderful way to say "hey, thinking about you" or "I love you" or "guess what just happen" when your house is too loud to actually use your phone to make phone calls...EVER AGAIN]

8-Amazon Prime [might make my list's so exciting to us when UPS knocks on our door with a little or big brown box of goodness for us to open...saves me the trip to the store & impulse buying]

9-Sippy Cups [even if they are often as mismatched & lost as socks in the dryer...whoever created them, thank you, because my kids are careless spillers by nature]

10-Fun felt calendars to teach my kids with [because I'm only that crafty in my mind, I need a girl to motivate me to learn to sew]

Today I joined my first blog carnival. It's called You Capture. This weeks theme was Outside. We fed the ducks our several-days-old organic bread [that I may or may not have fed my kids the last few days before I realized it]. 

There are two ponds in our complex so it's just a tiny walk. Which was convenient when we had to return home shortly after arriving to be disciplined for running off and pretending we couldn't hear mommy. I am really trying to make the most of these training moments. Knowing, they aren't fun, but the kids know I mean business. Even if we're doing something fun---we'll stop---if they can't obey. Tough Love.


  1. If I could "like" this, I would. Instead I'll just like it the old fashioned way. *likelikelikelikelike*

  2. sewing is so fun & super can do it :)

  3. Wow. Good for you with your tough love. How cute are your sweet little boys. Adorable as can be! So glad you joined You Capture! You know what made me smile? The fact that the ducks got your organic bread! I wonder if they preferred that to the other kind people bring them! So cute!

    I hope I will see you again at You Capture. Nice to meet you!

    LOVE your list of thankful things. You are so right. There is always something good to be thankful for. Many, many blessings.

  4. I have done one Beth Moore study and LOVED it! She really has a way of making things come alive. Love your last picture, great memories for your boys and hopefully a calm outing for you. It's chaos more often than not around here too!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful even in the hard times. Needed that today!! Love ya, Monie

  6. I loved taking my kiddo's to feed the ducks when they were little. Now I get to so it with grandchildren. Have fun capturing all those wonderful memories.



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