Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Links & Logs

I struggle between long mindless posts and short insightful ones. 

I started this blog to catalog our "vacation" in Dayton, OH. A lot of everyday is the same [meals, discipling, playing, shopping, teaching, exhaustion, 8pm], but a lot of it is new too [new parks, new stores, new places, new people]. 

I'm asking God for wisdom to make this blog something that doesn't waste someones valuable time, but [perhaps] relieves their temporary exhaustion as well. Since experience & maturity aren't full developed...my medium is humor. I hope my stories and pictures make you laugh & refresh your heart. 

You are loved.

Things you could live without knowing about my day:

[1] Moses turned 5 months

[2] I'm on week three of Couch to 5K

[3] Nation told me "You're beautiful" after I told him he was in trouble

[4] I made Raspberry Salmon for dinner [baked it instead of grilled it]

[5] Heard about Toggl [took me 56 minutes to write this blog post]

[6] Heard about Dinner Tool

[7] I've encouraged several others to blog...two have started
[8] I bought the boys Lincoln Logs

[9] I bought two cds: 
Here Is Love[Bethel Live]

[10] I missed seeing/talking to my [hard-working] husband all day after this nice weekend together [leaves at 6:45am gets home at 8pm]

[11] I was tough and didn't give Nation a cookie at the grocery store because he was naughty

[12] Boxed Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate cost $1 more here than in GA [when you add in the milk I think going to Starbucks everyday might actually SAVE me money, jk]

[13] Didn't go to bed before midnight because I was writing this post

[14] Just realized this was my 24th post on the 24th


  1. Moses looks so big and a lot like Solomon :)

  2. I think your blog is great and I took a look at your friends sites too and really enjoyed them as well. I don't know if you noticed when you visited my blog that I too am in the Dayton area. Hope you enjoyed your visit. I hope you'll also come back and "visit" my blog and sit for a spell and have a good time (then get back to what you should be doing) :-)

  3. I think that would be great to get together. To keep things private between us could you friend me on Facebook (if you have it) - look for my badge on the left of my blog. If you don't have FB then let me know your email and I will send you an email and we can talk. Your email will remain private as I have to moderate comments and I will choose to not post your comment.

  4. Raspberry Salmon sounds delicious, I'll have to try that. Please post more pictures of your gorgeous children. :) Thanks for following me, hope all is well!

  5. No cookie? Good job, Mommy! Thanks for the blogging encouragement, I've so enjoyed reading yours!

  6. Thanks for stopping over! I love MOPS. You should for sure check it out. I hope you are getting some enjoyment out of running! I'm a Cross country coach and will be running a 10K in October. My first "real race" since just after high school. The babe is so cute!



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