Sunday, August 22, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Don't let's these pictures fool you. We eventually laughed and called it quits.

Taking two toddlers & a baby fishing is a lot less fun than the commercials make it look. I had the great idea to go fishing at Five Rivers Metro Parks this Sunday afternoon. Don't get me wrong, THE KIDS had tons of fun...but our afternoon felt more like this...

and this...

and the kids felt more like this...
 [not a posed picture...he even crossed his ankles]

But, I did catch this tiny fish by accident,
with a frog attached trying to eat it
[bonus we saw a turtle & crawfish]

Solomon [among other things] dumped out all the worms then threw them into the water

To make up for it, there was a little of this...

and a little of that...

At least someone had their ducks in a row
[because we surely didn't]

We decided we'll come alone next time...
and actually fish.


  1. that is hysterical, I'm glad you were able to be polly positive and still have a good time!

  2. now that's a great post! so cute

  3. I guess the old saying, you never know till you try rings true. A+ for effort!

  4. A real life family day out worms and all !!!

  5. Hi-larious. I thought the worms was poop, haha.

  6. Perfect word, perfect photos, perfect!! Looking forward to following your creativity.



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