Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jesus Naps

Found a new [to me] site today called FotoFlexer and played around with some shots I took today.

Napping since we've had three looks like this...each kid must have their own room otherwise no one naps. At home [1000 sq ft 3 rooms] I put one boy in each of the boys rooms & one in my bed. Same here only with two rooms Moses gets the master closet. Yes, all my kids have at one point in their life [while traveling] lived in closets.

Nation just turned 4 and doesn't always need a nap, but today I laid down with him because he started rubbing his ears [cue for tiredness for him]. I laid down and he kept being so wiggly and the Lord spoke to me..."You are just the same way. When I try to lay down and rest with you---just be with you---you wiggle around and don't rest. Ouch. I don't want to be restless when He wants to rest with me.

Dayton Daily: Tried to deposit check for Charles turns out no Bank of Americas in Ohio---awesome, not. Found the Chickfila. Hooked up the Wii for the kids all by myself. Met Charles at Don Pablos for dinner. Found the Kroger, got lost coming home.

On the subject of eating out with kids. It is becoming less and less desirable. At one point in the meal every child cries about something, spills something and of course when we leave it looks like we brought 10 kids. Kids tend to not eat well & Charles and I don't really get to talk much. I usually end up having to nurse the baby & take toddlers potty. Now that I made it to Kroger we should be eating dinner at home tomorrow and the next 120 days.

Funny though, how chain restaurants kind of make you feel like you're at home...no matter what city you're in.

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