Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Reading

I was sitting on the couch tonight with Charles after the kids went to bed...running my hands through his hair and I heard the Lord remind me "he is your first ministry". Not the kids, not your friends, not even your future famous blog following [okay so he didn't say that part]. One reason I have so looked forward to this trip is because there is a lot of re-prioritizing I wanted to do for our family. I look forward to this time away to test out and tweak things I feel the Lord leading us to do.

What things do you feel like you need to re-prioritize?

Things I'm pondering for me:
1-Vitamins [not JUST when I'm pregnant]
2-Working out [was easy when I had a what? wake up early *sigh*]
3-Cooking [I usually do more when we travel]
4-Time with the Lord [Obviously most important. Hello? The reason I was put on the earth. I think the devil gets up every morning and says "How can I convince/distract/refocus Candra so that she forgets to spend quiet time with only the Lord?" When I was in high school & college an hour with the Lord just reading or praying came easy...then I had kids and I feel like my quiet times have more or less vanished. Although I do talk to him all day and worship I just don't get into his Word enough & really just sit down with only Him.]

Things I'm pondering for the kids:
1-Reading [Don't read to them enough]
2-School [Although we work with both on the basics, this Fall I want to have my first "homeschool structured time"]
3-Teeth Brushing [I blame my mom, she never made me brush my teeth and I've never had a cavity. Been to the dentist twice. I need some motivation to make my kids brush regularly. I only do because I kiss someone.]
4-Learning the Word [We tell/read them stories and often talk about the Lord, but more scriptures]

I don't have any "pondering" for Charles. He is working so diligently right now and doing such a great job with his schedule. I only hope to love and serve him more during this time by helping make things easy & fun when he is home with us.

Here is a picture of the books I'm about to read...or finish. Late summer reading I guess. Go along with my priorities I'm sharpening. Love & RespectCreated to Be His Help MeetSuper Baby FoodThe Duggars: 20 and Counting , and A Life of Miracles. The only one missing here is Managers of Their Homes by the Maxwells on scheduling. It's spiral bound. Didn't make the picture pretty.

We went back to the pool today. I rallied two of the other wives of Charles' employees and some of their kids to meet us there. More nice Dayton people. Two other moms there practically watched my kids in the pool for choice. And when Nation flipped all our breakers in our apartment the leasing office lady walked right over.

When you can't get a good picture of your kids---just make it black and white---always helps.


  1. This is so sweet. I drop the ball a lot with teeth brushing too, I'm afraid. And yes, b/w photos are always beautiful. I shoot a lot of b/w photos. It's just classic.

  2. hehe, your a mommy after other mommies hearts... I love your honesty lol... it also made me realize I didn't brush Levi's teeth tonight... or last night.

  3. used my google account to post that... it's Sunshine lol

  4. I hope you get to do some reading while you are there. I am still working on the Manager of their Home. I only got a couple chapters in and just got distracted with other things like blogging :)

  5. I got a couple chapters in several times. I'm at the "make your chart" point with sticky tac---she's like i know you don't want to use sticky tac some of you, but do it...i just refuse. i am going to use excel or something, ha ha.

  6. "It's easy for a little monkey to get into trouble."

    Perfect blog name. My new fave font too.

    I'll follow.

    Glad you're safely there and acclimating.

    Stay in touch!

  7. Luci, the font is Papyrus, it's on my Mac, not sure if it's a standard font on all computers. I love it too. Thanks!

  8. Laughing about the black and white. :) I see good intentions here.




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