Sunday, April 13, 2014


30 good decisions I've made to date

surrendering this short existence for a glorious eternity
attempting to be a authentic and vulnerable person
taking God's word literally
learning & practicing how to hear God's voice
learning & practicing how to walk in the gifts of the spirit
going to youth group
going to counseling and inner healing classes
going on mission trips
reading Redeeming Love
making and keeping best friends throughout my life
giving up tanning, fake nails, colored contacts, push up bras, and hair coloring
going to Kennesaw State University [and starting KGBS bible study]
being apart of a college group
always going to church
staying in a multitude of counsel
having mentors
marrying Charles
buying a house [and buying a second house]
building a self employed business
having kids ...and early in marriage ...and close together
keeping at it till i got a girl
staying at home with my kids
working through hardships with family
joining and staying with a small group
learning how to use a camera
over photographing my life
giving the whole organic/natural life a chance
writing [by keeping a journal and writing a blog]

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