Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday #92

Thankful This Week For...

#261-280 Making my way through my 1000 gifts list this year...

celebrating 31 years with my husband at a braves game
hearing Moses sing Charles "Happy Birthday"
getting out of the house alone this week after what seems like an eternity at home sick
having my best friend [old college roommate] visit from NC with her little 5 month old
how sweet little baby heads feel and smell
grilled shrimp tacos
my new cups my mother in law bought me for my birthday
swimming at my moms several days over the past few weeks
a relatively easy transition into starting 1st grade [early] with Nation
Dr's, medicine, and a mom who watches your sick kids when you're sick
All my friends whose babies have been born recently
Life for some of them when death seemed possible
How We Love [Charles & I have been watching the Dvd's together]
boys play in sprinklers [even if it makes my list every week]
Wedgits [Nation's new obsession]
watching my boys huddle together under their playhouse outside to watch the lightning storm
Strawberry shortcake [the cake, not the character]
my brother turning 16
when Nation creates something and asks me to txt Charles a picture of it
when we went to our first braves game together

What are you Thankful For?
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