Monday, March 12, 2012

Conversations You Have With Me On The Phone

First of all, it really kills me to blog without photos, but I just can't subject you to any more of my awful iPhone quality photos and my camera is still being used by my husband for work [no...what? you didn't hear bitterness in my voice, no...not at all], but should be shortly returned to me [and or stolen back]. 

I was on the phone today, which rarely happens during the day---as you stay at home moms know---when my gilfriend joking said "if I ever start a blog it will be called 'Things I hear Candra say while I'm talking to her on the phone'" Apparently our conversations go a little like this---

Me: So yeah we are just about done putting up the boys bunk beds toge----STOP! No, you can't climb over the ledge---Sorry. Don't put that hula hoop around your brother. So I'm pretty excited---Hold on, no hitting---Sorry---Okay guys, that's enough---let me call you back the boys are fighting.
Friend: click.

 *enough time to discipline kids goes by*

Me: Where were we? [blames bad behavior on bad weather] I got the bedding, but---why are you crying? Because your hands are dirty? Oh wait, no, you fell in ants---Oh no, Can I call you back?
Friend: click.

*enough time goes by for me to go cover our newly emerged for Spring time ant piles, and kill bees. Plus find Benadryl, and console baby.*

Me: Sorry...Again. So yep, that's what's going on with that room, but we really haven't decorated much more than that---Don't hit the tennis racket on the window---Oh man my battery is deadI'll have to call you back later.
Friend: click.

*Phone stays dead till well past bedtime and I'm now blogging and probably won't call her back*

Is it just me? ha!


  1. Fragmented phone cals are why I LOVE text and email :)

  2. oh, i am laughing so hard. trust me, i don't mind a bit and sometimes i have to say "let me call you back too." i dont' know why the phone is best for me but yesterday i was talking to my mother in law who i try not to fragment too much (but it happens) and love was cleaning for fun and sprayed me in the face with vinegar water and i was on the phone with her. it was pretty funny. we just gotta roll with it.



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