Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#85]

Thankful This Week For...

Making my way thru 1000 gifts this year...

boys in costumes
moms with 3 boys just like me
boys running thru sprinklers in early March
my friends being okay that they bare feet are covered in broken goldfish when they come over
520 pounds of cardboard being hauled out of our 3rd car garage---finally
for fans when AC goes out
first two goals of the soccer season
having my brother spend the night
that Beth Moore once taught sign language aerobics [#stilllaughing]
that our caterpillars turned into butterflies
an empty baby room now with my three boys [mostly] figuring out how to sleep all in the same room
apple pie and ice cream
making dinner twice this week [hey! it's better than the previous zero lately]
that my kids love turkey burgers [who knew?]
a coat closet finally cleaned out---just in time for winter to be over #irony
finding things that have been lost 
teaching my son how to tell time...a very useful life skill!
hearing my 3 year old ask me everyday if it's his birthday yet and if it's Summer yet
seeing Moses copy and mimic us all day

What are you thankful for? Link up below.

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