Friday, August 5, 2011



I want to be whole. I want my kids to be whole. I want the whole world to be whole. Lately, I've just been thinking [well more than just lately really] about the world. For a season, God told Charles and I to really concentrate on making our relationship and our relationship with our kids whole. We're there. Okay, you can never "be there", but I feel like we're a really good place realtionally. God's made my little Nation's heart whole after he incurred some damage last year during our separation. God's got more restoration instore for the other boys and myself & Charles too I'm sure, but in general, I feel like we're in a good place. A cozy place...a peaceful lay-your-head-on-the-pillow and everything is okay place.

But then... soon as the cool of the pillow case hits my cheek I start thinking about the others. Those a few houses away from me, those a few miles away from me, those thousands and thousands of miles away from me.

Even in all of our [Charles & I's] imperfection glory we at least knew The One who brings wholeness. And I know [although I think our life spends most of it's time trying to distract us otherwise] that there are men, women, and [Jesus help me] children out there that aren't whole. Or anything that is even close to that word.

Their tummies are empty, their hearts are fractured, their spirits are crushed, their innocence torn---they are like glass shattered on a dirty floor and I put my shoes on to walk over it so hearing their stories and seeing their faces doesn't inconvenience or hurt my well pedicured feet so much.

Writing about The Lost, The Broken, and the Poor isn't good for numbers, but it's good for my heart. It makes me feel whole. Close to Him who is whole.

The only thing keeping me from feeling personally whole right now is trying to figure out how this suburbia housewife and mother of 3 reaches those without wholeness in their life.

Waiting on you Lord. Send creative-tangiable-ideas soon.



  1. Love your heart for the broken and needy...coming over from 5 minute friday...would love to have you over at my blog, don't you love FMF?!

  2. Love your heart for the broken.

    Love your blog too - coming by way of FMF :)

  3. Well said. I think a lot of people feel the same and have no idea how to do anything about it or what they should do. I know I don't. I have had the feeling that I am supposed to be doing something, but I don't know what.

    Don't worry about your numbers, honesty and truth are big attractors, everyone deep down wants the truth.

  4. You have the heart of Jesus when caring for the broken and the forgotten. What an honor!

    I love your photo. So precious!

    God bless you today! Thank you for sharing your heart!


  5. Just part of what makes you such a beautiful person. :) So glad you shared with us. Praying that God will give you direction, that you will recognize it when He does, and that much good will come of it. :)

  6. Very thought provoking. Have you read "Radical"? This made me think of it. I'm almost finished with it. Good book!

  7. I find writing what is good for the soul and not the numbers is a good principle to go by! Thanks for sharing!



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