Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 Couples and 17 Kids -Small Group-

We've been attending the same [wonderful!] small group for exactly 1.5 years now. For the first time---we were able to host at our house! It was wonderful, did I say that already? 

The kids played outside for 90 minutes, then played inside upstairs for the same. We discussed Galatians, prayed, worshiped, laughed and heard Charles' new song. [More on that later]

The funny thing is, our small church group was missing 3 other families & 10 more kiddos. That's not even including all our lovely singles that join our crazy fertileness group.


  1. Fun!! We had 15 kids and 15 adults at fellowship on Sunday... And we barely noticed the kids at all! Haha

  2. Love it! :) Reminds me of our church...5 couples (ish), a handful of singles, some crazy blue haired teens(yea!), and about 20 kids running around!



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