Tuesday, June 28, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant [Well...Not Me]

If you haven't met my bff April, well, here she is, in full bloom. That's right, that red head I met in college [and still get in trouble with] is now married and about to have her first child---a boy.

She came to visit me this past week, and I just swooned at her belly. It's tiny of course, but still, there is a little life swimming & growing inside. I was praying to Jesus today---please let him have red hair!

April and I go way back, nearly 10 years now---she's that wonderful friend who is always there for you. She even dropped in on my homebirth meeting Saturday with fresh flowers, this amazing dip, and could be seen cleaning up after me [I may or may not have spilled nearly a gallon of milk everywhere].

I kept telling her that day if I add a belt to my dress we can look just as far along. After all, my fear the whole day was someone would ask me how far along I was. No one did, that may or may not have been because I made a point to tell everyone who walked in the door that I was---not.

I don't know why she came to the meeting anyways---after all she was my doula for my first two. If Moses hadn't come in 3 hours she would have made that one too. I do tease her because as soon as my first was born she announced to the whole room "I want to have a homebirth!" With tears. And Mrs. April don't cry about everything like me.

I just thought y'all should know that feeling that little bump move made my whole weekend. I can't wait to meet Him! Happy 20 weeks today April & Will & Baby.


  1. Sweet post. By bff from high school is a red head too :D

  2. I didn't realize April was pregnant! I recall seeing so many pictures from your growing friendship with her, and it's one thing to go through all these life experiences yourself, but watching a best friend go through the same wonderful life experiences is truly a blessing!

  3. Candra, you sure do how to make a girl feel loved! Love you and thank you for being so excited about Baby D. I know he's very excited to have a Tia! And he's been moving around abunch since I got home. so fun.



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