Monday, June 27, 2011

Lego Club

Nation will turn 5 next week and I felt it was about time we accepted the invitation to our friends homeschool Lego club. The idea is that everyone brings 100 legos and swaps to build a creation on that day's "theme". The host mom had the genius idea to give each child a baking tray to keep all their legos & creation in. It was either that or 1200+ legos under her couches.

The children were given 45 minutes to create [without mommy of course] and then they took turns "showing and telling" [questions allowed]. It was really sweet to see what everyone made and hear them speak in front of the group. Some where shy, some built simple, some loved the stage, some built things that surely will take us to Mars one day.

It was hilarious to me that as the showing and telling continued---everyones creation [whose theme was "transform"] ended up with the added "superpower" or going under water. After all---it is the ultimate if your creation can go on land and water--isn't it?

Nation was a bit overwhelmed, nervous, stressed, and "wanting to win"---but he eventually borrowed some wheels from someone and thus solved his [he is very literal] dilemma of creating something that could MOVE because apparently to him transform is defined as being able to move.

He made a moving camera [with a shade]---that of course---ended up going under water and transforming into something that cleaned the ocean.

I'm going to use this post to focus on the lovely part of the Lego club today and not the knock-down-drag-out-exit we had to make when someone didn't want to leave...

...there has been many tears, much humiliation and embarrassment for me these past two weeks weeks. I sincerely appreciate your prayers and sensitivity as I am struggling to parent him.

To end on a happy note though---I think I might start a lego club in the [new] neighborhood just until school starts---might be a good way for Nation to meet friends here. Do you think my home owners association will allow a giant handmade sign inviting everyone? Ha!


  1. What a good idea!

  2. My kids really wanted to come, but I insisted on staying home and scaling Mt. Washmore. The weekend was SO BUSY for us that I needed a day home to catch up. I think a neighborhood Lego club sounds like a great idea! (((HUGs))) on the melt downs. Mine are mostly past that now, but I remember when I dreaded telling them it was time to go b/c I knew a meltdown was inevitable.

  3. Just want to know, when he stood up there and presented did it bring tears to your eyes? Did mine. I can remember no matter what play or presentation I attended of any of my 4 children when they began to perform or speak I began to cry.



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