Friday, May 27, 2011

Funny Friday #15

This picture was not staged. I seriously have this weird problem...called open a bottle of water, drink from it, lose it and then not trust the kids haven't drank from it. So I open a new one and then stack them up around my sink and let the kids have them until they are gone.

Laugh away.

Moses here---eating his brothers mud pie mixture. Funny, and gross.

If there is something Nation is always working on---it's projects.
Here we have some left over new dryer vent piping.
Nation took it and "dressed" himself with it.
He played like this for an hour.
All I could think of was...lady gaga


Did your kids say anything funny to you this week? Mine did.

Me: Get in the car
Nation: Why
Me: We're going to get some lunch to eat
Nation: Why don't you just cook something here mom?
Me: Um, well, Chick-fil-a just cooks better than mommy



  1. The laday gaga thing is too funny. You have me cracking up here. :)

  2. Love it! Your kiddos make me laugh! I keep trying to do a funny friday but it won't let me upload pictures...ah well, save 'em for next week :)

  3. I'm afraid of floaties in my drink too!



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