Friday, April 15, 2011

Funny Friday #11

In the interest of is a photo collage summary [unedited] of Solomon's 3rd birthday party last night at Chuck E Cheese. We invited our four closest families and enjoyed games, pizza and cake. 

I'll begin with the end. The "Funny" part.

We were driving home at 8:30 [ish] pm which is already past bedtime and when loaded up on Hi-C [0% juice 100% sugar], cake, and game candy we shrugged off all the crying [from all three] on the way home as overtired and overloaded on sugar. When we pulled in the driveway and opened the doors you can imagine our shock when we realized Solomon had been crying because apparently his forehead and the balloon weight got into a fight on the way home.

Did I mention Charles took a business call on the way home too? That was humorous. Pretty sure that was great birth control for that newly married contractor.

Solomon ended up being just fine though, not to worry.

Now---the happier beginning...

Our fearless babysitter.

Nation said after hugging Chuckie, 
"He's kinda...kinda...comfortable" [he meant soft]

I was thankful for the ability to throw him a party without having to do anything, but show up. Especially since we are in the process of moving. At first it was a bit pricey at $12-17 per child, but they ended up giving me a really great deal. I ordered a sandwich & wings tray for the adults so we didn't have to eat the "pizza". They provide the cake, balloons, gift bags, souvenir cups, and lots of tokens for everyone.

Learn more about it here.


Your kids do or say something funny this week? Share below!


  1. wow! what a fun day, minus the head injury! i live in a small town so we don't have chuck e cheese close by. but i would love to take my children some day when on vaction or something. :)

  2. poor little guy, that face is adorable, especially with the snot and tears :) and the fact that he called him comfortable melts my heart. i love kids :)

    happy birthday to your little man!

  3. After having 8 birthday parties between the two, I agree it is immensely easier to have a party where you just show up! And for us at least, it usually ends up cheaper since I dot know how to control decorations, food, etc. And us there's no pre or post cleanup!! Priceless.



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