Friday, April 8, 2011

Funny Friday #10

Better late than never. Funny Friday---

We've been packing this week, anticipating a move early next week. We are so thankful for our free boxes even though our house currently looks like a liquor storeroom with all our Crown Royal boxes [photo 1]. 

Moses thinks he's so funny climbing on top of the toilet [photo 2], the only other time he thinks he's more funny is when he's playing in it.

Caught Charles asleep putting Nation to bed [photo 3]. I'm pretty sure that Ikea toddler bed isn't meant to hold both of their weight, but they seem pretty comfy.

Look closely, you might have to click on the picture to view it more close up. Nation, in the backyard, with his underwear-crocs-shirt-and hat flipped up like we're back in the early 90's [photo 4]. If that doesn't scream "homeschooler" I don't know what doesn't.

[[[[[[[[insert imaginary photo here]]]]]]]]

Yesterday, I thought I'd take a very mini break from packing and run down to the corner where our neighbor was having a mega garage sale. Knowing she has several little boys my boys ages, I was hopeful to grab a few boy things for cheap [no luck!]. But when trying to park on the side of the road like all the other shoppers, my wheels started spinning. I thought no big deal, I got out to look and I can't even explain to you what happen or how it happen, but the entire back of my car was resting on the pavement. My tires were shoved up into my car and I was sure I'd permanently ruined the car. I called AAA, but they said it would be three hours.

My knight in shinning armor came to my rescue and with one push, I was back on the road. I was so humiliated and embarrassed and terrified about what I'd done to even take a picture. I totally thought "I'm blogging about this", but didn't want to be scene next to my own vehicle in fear of what peopel might think of me. 

"How did she do that?"

To be honest, I still don't know.

Anything funny happen to you this week?

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