Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten 32

Thankful This Week For:

1. A new house! Yes, we're under contract now...should move in within a month.
2. 3 hours at a consignment sale [30 minute shopping + 2.5 hrs socializing].
3. Two invitations for playdates this week [I heart time with other mommies].
4. Date Night. It never gets old. I'm always excited to go out alone with my hubs.
5. Software for embroidery machine finally installed & working.
6. Coffee at 3pm. Charles brought me some cause thats when I'm most tired.
7. Pull-ups. I'm hybrid potty training Solomon & they catch the accidents.
8. Sunday's message on forgiveness [justice vs mercy] 30 minutes-it's worth it.
9. That He never stops drawing me closer [even when I'm selfish] .
10. One sick child, after prayer, seems to be turning around quickly today. 


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  1. Yeah on the house, mommy fellowship and embroidery machine! What a wonderful husband to bring you coffee. I love when my hubby surprises me with a treat like that. It encourages me and reminds me of his love and faithfulness.

  2. yay for a new house! bet thats exciting!! i went on a date with my hubby over the weekend! so nice to get out with out the kiddos!



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